Stephen Hawking As A Child

Many people know who Stephen Hawking is today, he is a theoretical physicist, a cosmologist, and an author. This British genius is responsible for a large number of theorems and even has a type of radiation named after him, the radiation emitted by a black hole. What many people don’t know about Stephen Hawking though […]

Schoenhut C1020 – 5 Piece Drum Set

Age Range: 6 to 9 years old. What is Schoenhut C1020 Drum Set? The Schoenhut C1020 – 5 Piece Drum Set (Red) is a beginner drum set that is made up of five pieces that features many of the same elements as a professional grade drum set. The shells are made of sturdy hardwood and […]

Robosapien X Robot Kit by WowWee

Age Range: 8 years old children and above. What is Robosapien X robot kit by WowWee? Robosapien X robot kit by WowWee is an excellent learning toy showing kids the meaning of hard work and that great feeling of accomplishment.  The 14“ tall programmable robot can move fluidly, grip with speed, and maneuver like a […]

Best Toys for 3-Month-Old Babies

Top Rated Toys for 3-Month-Old Babies to help them develop early skills and learn new things the fun ways. 1# Ty Beanie Boos Kacey The Pink Koala Plush Cute, pink, sparkly, and fluffy, this is a great little TY koala for your little one who loves animals and soft fabrics. Perfect for nap time or play […]

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Game

Game Age Range: 6 to 9 years. What is Star Wars: The Clone Wars Game? The Leapfrog Explorer Learning Game – Star Wars: The Clone Wars is an educational game for the LeapPad & Leapster Explorer systems. Players can help save the galaxy far, far away by using their mathematics skills in preparation for a […]

Fisher-Price Song and Story Learning Chair

Age Range: 1 to 3 years old. What is Fisher-Price Song and Story Learning Chair? The Fisher-Price Song and Story Learning Chair is a plastic chair for toddlers that is completely interactive. There are three activities involving music and learning on the attached side table and there is also a five-page storybook about a day […]

Top 10 Parenting Books

There are a lot of good parenting books out there, but here we are going to review over the top 10. Parenting can be very hard and rewarding, but first-time parents sometimes need help with the basics on keeping their child happy. Top-Rated Parenting Books 1. Brain Rules for Baby (Update and Expanded): How to […]

Educational Insights: My Body Activity Center

Age Range: 6 to 10 years. What is Educational Insights My Body Activity Center? This is an interactive wall chart made of cloth showing the major organs of the body from head to hips. It’s placed on a black background and the individual components are made of detailed and bright colored pieces of cloth. It […]

Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Wireless Spy Tank

What is Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Wireless Spy Tank? This cool tank is a mature toy black and green in color used for spying. The toy is a moving body in the shape of a tank with a high-resolution camera which captures photos and record videos. It is operated by an Android app which has all […]

Best Newborn Toys for Your Babies

26 Recommended Newborn Toys for Baby Development: 1. Melissa & Doug Flip Fish Toy From one of the most trusted names in children’s toys, Melissa & Doug comes this adorable plush fish. With many different colors and textures, a baby will be find hours of entertainment in this simple newborn toy. 2. World of Eric Carle, Apple Playset […]

Pioneer Globe

Age range for Replogle Pioneer Globe 12-inch tabletop: for 3 years and up. What is Pioneer Globe? It’s a map of the world in 3-D globe form that is 12 inches in diameter and 17 inches in height set on a metal base coated in the color of gold. The map itself is decorated in […]

ECR4Kids Climb and Slide

ECR4Kids Climb and Slide toy for kids, age range: 3 to 7 years. What is ECR4Kids Climb and Slide? It’s a plastic, multi-colored playground that includes areas on nearly every side to climb up and over in order to reach the slide on one side. It’s small enough to fit in the corner of a […]

Hot Halloween Toys for Kids

Halloween is made quite festive with seasonal themes, crafts, costumes, accessories, and everything else spook-tacular for children of all ages. Ask any young one what his or her favorite part is, and you are bound to get trick-or-treating as the greatest of all. Well, waiting for the jack-o-lanterns to light up and the witching hour […]

Parallax ActivityBot Robot Kit

What is Parallax ActivityBot Robot? This cool robotic building kit is a set of a few equipment needed to make a robot. It is a helping tool or a physical tool for demonstration to help in the making and programming of robots. It comes with all its little parts disconnected, which needs to be joined to […]

AmScope M158C-E Compound Monocular Microscope

AmScope M158C-E Compound Monocular Microscope is the leading quality product in the microscope market produced by the well-known manufacturer and supplier of microscopes and accessories. The M158C-E Compound Monocular Microscope is an instrument that gives the users the ability to enlarge small and extremely small objects to have a better view and observation of the […]

Best Toys for 2-Month-Old Babies

When you’re choosing appropriate development toys for your beloved 2-month-old baby, the number of choices can be overwhelming. Here’s a brief description of 23 products you might want to choose for your two month old little. You can find and buy them all from Amazon or other online toy vendors. You might also want to have […]

John Deere Mega Bloks Harvest Crew

John Deere Mega Bloks Harvest Crew is a good choice for children of 5-9 years old. What is John Deere Mega Bloks Harvest Crew? This is a cool playset with the theme of a farm. The learning toy has the items that are related to the farms and farmers’ activities. The set comprises of 868 […]

LEGO Education Large Building Plates

For children of all ages. What is LEGO Education Large Building Plates? These are meant for children who are into building things and using their imagination to produce a unique building or other structure. The building plates give the child a great base for them to use their other LEGO products to build a structure […]

Best Toys for 7 Month Old Babies

Help your 7 month old baby to acquire good early skills through playing development toys can be an excellent idea. These awesome learning toys can be easily found and bought for your beloved little at Amazon or other online toy vendors. LIST OF 17 EXCELLENT TOYS FOR 7-MONTH-OLD BABIES.  1. Go Baby Go! 1-2-3 Crawl […]

MiniLUK Brain Challenger Complete Set

Age Range: 5 to 7 years. What is MiniLUK Brain Challenger? It’s a set of cards that comprise a matching game, which helps kids develop key skills in critical thinking, math, perception, language, and concentration. Kids will work on problem solving, memory, and develop the building blocks for learning to read. The set includes a […]

Lyric Identiflyer

Age Range: 6 Years and Up. What is Lyric Identiflyer? Learn individual bird songs with this song player and accompanying song cards (included here: 2 cards with 10 birds each on both sides). The song player has adjustable volume and a port for earplugs. Featured birds include 20 yardbirds, 10 western yardbirds, and 10 eastern […]