12 Summer Safety Tips for Children

Summer safety tips for kids
Summertime is here. It’s time for fun in the sun, and in the water, and everywhere else. We get pretty set in our routines when school is in session. We have to get the kids up and ready, then on the bus. Then summer comes and it suddenly stops.

Now, for many of us, the kids are home and have time on their hands. Sure, we want them to have fun, but we have to keep them safe. Here are some tips on some of the summer’s hottest spots.

The Heat

The sun is fun, but it’s also dangerous. Here are three helpful tips to keep them cool and safe.

Sunscreen: The rule is SPF 15 or greater and to apply it liberally at least 15 minutes before the child gets in the sun. Sunscreen should have a little time to absorb into the skin so it’s less likely to wash off. You should also reapply every two hours and after the kids get wet or use a towel.

Babies: Infants shouldn’t be in direct sunlight. They should be dressed in comfortable clothing, but cool clothing. They should have hats with brims.

Keep the Sun Off: Shade is misleading; it protects kids from the heat, but not really from the sun’s harmful stuff. So you have to dress the kids properly. Hats with brims are helpful. Try to cover the neck, elbows, and knees.

The Water

The water is a great way to cool off in the summer heat, and it’s also a lot of fun. But it comes with its own dangers. Follow these tips to stay safe.

Be There: You can’t leave your child unattended, ever. It only takes a minute or less and an inch of water for young kids to drown. You have to watch them; no compromising. It’s also a good idea to put cell phones away.

Follow the Rules: Public pools post rules and you really need to follow them. As much as we like to believe that we know better, pool officials know their pools and have devised those rules for a reason.

Watch the Waves: When you’re at the beach, kids love to play in the ocean water. Watch those waves though. They can knock a child over in a second. Then there’s the undertow, which can sweep kids away. Did we mention that you should watch your kids at all times near water?

Safety tips for kids in summer

In Public

Whether we’re at the neighborhood playground or at Disney World, we are outside more in the summer. We have to keep the kids safe in public places.

Stay Together: The first rule is to stay with your kids at all times, but sometimes stuff happens. Be prepared. If you do get separated, you should have a dedicated place to meet. Everyone should know of this place before you enter the public place.

Plan Your Activities: Spontaneity can be fun, but it’s not so safe. When you plan your activities ahead of time, and everyone knows the plan, children are less likely to get sidetracked and lost.

Know the Limits: Especially at amusement parks, where there are rides, make sure your children understand what’s at stake. Will they be too scared after waiting in line in the sun for an hour? Will they run out of the haunted house when the ghost jumps out?

Will they throw up and spend the rest of the day in the medical building? Read the warnings and maybe even watch the ride before you get in line.

Children safety tips in summer


We always think of summer as a time when we’re outdoors playing, but the reality is that kids these days spend many summer days inside. And when they’re inside, they get online on the computer or on video games. Here are a few important tips to keeping them safe online.

Limit Usage: An effective way to keep kids safe is to limit the use of technology. This can be done with time limits, by ensuring that the technology is in a visible place where you can tell your kid to stop, or by making your child ask permission to use an iPad or a computer. Limiting usage prevents too much exploration into the dangerous areas of the web.

Communicate: Talk to your children about online dangers. Most kids don’t want to find trouble online; they just want to have fun. Tell them how to do that and avoid bullies, bad sites, and other dangers that you know about. And you should know about them; do a little homework.

Check Behind: Check your child’s browser history so you know where your kid is going on the web. Computers and devices have parental control settings that can block areas of the web, if necessary.

Danger is everywhere, but we want our kids to have fun. Setting some simple guidelines and following a few tips can make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer.

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