15 Fun Outdoor Summer Activities for Children

Summer activities for kidsKeeping your children busy during the summer can be a little bit challenging because they need more than a routine activity. They don’t take summer vacations as a time for rest instead get easily bored and look for adventurous activities.

So, it is the time when parents have to plan something for them but before starting planning some productive games and activities for your child, make him buy into the idea.

Most children don’t like being imposed what to do and when to do. So, letting them plan their activities based on their personal goals and interests may be more productive and motivational.

If your children (especially teenagers) can’t find some positive way to live adventurously with parental support, then they can find that in some negative way.

According to a report from the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy it is concluded that more American teens try cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs in summer for the first time than at any other time of the year.

Some outdoors activities which can help your children use their energy in positive ways are described here.

Children summer activities

1- Summer camp

Although summer camps are costly but it is a better way to make constructive use of energy and free time and learning something new.

Summer camps are usually very fun, highly supervised and teach new valuable skills, meeting new people and exploring some unfamiliar place; the things which your child can’t get in school.

Your kids are introduced to a new group of peers; thus learn to relate to people of all backgrounds.

2- Youth programs

Youth clubs and community youth centers are an excellent way to engage teens during their summer vacations. Here they are exposed to a variety of fun activities that they otherwise can’t have access to.

In clubs, teens can find people of same interests whether it’s related to computers, art, sports, art, photography, politics, career development etc. thus ending up with gaining new experiences and having more friends.

3- Sports programs

Exercise is very good for kids of all ages rather you can find some sport in which your child is interested. Participation in different sports can develop the competitive sense in your child.

Sometimes school gyms, churches, and community centers have free the gyms where kids can play; so, look into that.

4- Visits

Engage your child by arranging trips to a local museum, park, beach, baseball game, historical places, recreation department or anywhere that would be interesting for him.

Consider visiting some colleges too that your teen might consider for admission in the future.

Summer activities with kids

5- Volunteer work

A proactive way to keep your child busy during summers is to help them get a volunteer job. Volunteer jobs are mostly flexible with respect to time.

In addition to teaching teens the joy of serving and giving back, volunteer work looks good on resume and college application.

6- Part-time job

Teens find it good to be independent; so, you can help them apply to restaurants, local grocery, local car washers, pet care facilities or retail stores.

Part time job help teens’ budget, developing strong work ethics, complying with authority and making friends.

7- Brain work

Although the usual classes are outgrown now in vacations but there are plenty of ways to keep your child’s brain active by taking him or her to a library and suggesting some interesting and worth studying books.

Plan some family game night too.

8- Brainstorming

Avoid providing lot of toys or playing material in summer vacations to your kid. Let him use his own imagination and search for the things and activities he is interested in; it would be much better for the brain development.

Free summer activities for children

9- Bubble contest

To organize a bubble contest at some boring summer evening is very joyful and full of fun for younger ones.

Just mix up bubble solution and assemble some tools for blowing and you are set and ready to go.

10- Writing

Writing is an authentic way to use your imagination and put your ideas into words.

Encourage your child to write some article according to his own observation and interests, reviews of movies or TV shows or concerts watched during summer.

11- Water swing

Water swing is also a full of fun game in summers. You would have to go to an amusement park to find a wet and wild ride, but you can make this at home too.

You just need a lawn sprinkler and toddler seat swing. Turn on sprinkler so the drops fall on the baby as he swings back and forth.

12- Synchronized swimming

Synchronized swimming is a fun and somewhat difficult sport that requires execution of a routine to music.

The goal of performance is to interpret the music with style, grace, technical skills and precision during swimming.

Fun activities for children

13- Water slide

There is low technical and inexpensive way to bring the thrills of a water slide to your own backyard. You just need a plastic trap, a plastic garbage bag and an old shower curtain.

Spread out the plastic bag on a level lawn area and wet it with 1 or 2 inch of warm water. Most of the kids love water and this is an activity that encourages good workout on a warm day.

14- Play Sardines

Sardines is a variation of “hide and seek” which can be played with two or more players and is best played outdoors.

It is a joyful and physical activity. On a summer evening when there is shade it seems full of fun for kids to go out and play with their friends.

15- Find a summer program

Sometimes within the first couple of weeks kids get bored of things to do at home. So, it is the time to arrange some summer classes (like art, swim lessons…) for them in which he/she can learn new skills which can’t be learned during school.


Outdoor summer activities for children



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