2-in-1 Shop and Cook Playset

VTECH-2-IN-1-SHOP-AND-COOK-PLAYSET-KITCHEN-TOYVTech 2-in-1 Shop and Cook Playset is a very versatile learning toy. It is fun for children aged 24 months to five years old.

As a dual purpose toy, it starts off as a shopping cart, then transforms into a mini-kitchen. Kids can pretend to grocery shop, then pretend to prepare a meal.

The set comes with twenty different play pieces that include a number of different foods, and food prep equipment.


The food cart has a variety of sensors that start various songs and sounds that will keep your child entertained and learning. The stove has light up features and makes kitchen sounds.

The wide variety of foods and food prep items will help children learn fine motor skills and new vocabulary.

Who is the Shop and Cook Playset for?

The product is recommended for ages 24 months to five years. Since it’s a smaller toy, taller children might not enjoy it as much.

It is a great toy for parents and older siblings to use to interact with the little ones and teach them new things about food and cooking in a safe manner.

Since little ones often want to help in the kitchen, this is a great option. They can ‘cook’ with you, but be kept safe from hot, or sharp objects present in a real kitchen.


Why Buy this VTech 2-in-1 Shop and Cook Playset?

The toy is versatile, so it is good value for money. The many sensors and buttons will make the toy interesting to even the most hard-to-please child.

It offers three modes of play to help teach different concepts. Children will learn about different foods, how to recognize colors, and how to count and follow directions while playing with this toy.

The cooking surface is about 18” tall, and the shopping cart handle is about 22”, so it’s the perfect size for toddlers and small children.

The songs are fun and are considered a ‘refreshing change’ from the normal songs played by a children’s toy by one parent review.


Pros and Cons:

  • The toy runs on AA batteries, which are easy to replace
  • It may be quickly outgrown by some children in terms of size
  • Because it is smaller than traditional play kitchens, it is a great toy for small homes or apartments.
  • Children will get the full experience of a play kitchen, but it won’t take up a large portion of the room it’s placed in.
  • Some parents find that the toy’s verbal requests too annoying, but enjoyed the toy with the batteries removed.


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