Discovering the World with ‘My Busy Town’

Alex Jr. My Busy Town is a toy set that is primarily designed for children aged above one-year-old. The activity cube features several activities all in a single five-sided wooden base package.

My busy town toy

ALEX Jr. My Busy Town: Wooden Activity Cube

My Busy Town is made of very bright colors and patterns that are clearly legible to a child playing with it. This negates the need for a child to strain and hence greatly improves his or her ability to handle the toy as well as the overall playing experience.

The toy is primarily made of a wooden cube measuring 16 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches and weighs around 13.8 pounds (6.26 kg). It is thus very stable and large enough for an awesome playing experience.

Alex Jr. My Busy Town comes equipped with curvy wire rides, peek-a-boo doors, racing vehicle rollers, spin and matches animals, turn and learn ABC, and word tiles. Altogether these features enable a child to obtain the ultimate enjoyment and relaxation experiences.

The base of the educational toy is very sturdy and stable. This stability is crucial since it enables the toy to be used with minimal inconveniences owing to the fact that the toy does not swivel around and interfere with the concentration and the activities of the child handling it.

Alex my busy town learning toy

Toddlers will love it

The recommended age for the children who can enjoy playing My Busy Town toy fully is one year old and above. That is because children of this age have fairly developed mental faculties and developed enough to handle it.


It is suited for those children who are keen in developing their comprehension, attention, problem-solving, analytical and evaluation skills. It is therefore a “must-have” for every child since the aforementioned skills are invaluable parts of the growth and development.

Alex toys my busy town wooden

Good reasons to give your child Alex Jr. My Busy Town

Helping the child learn

This toy helps children to learn the basics of arithmetic and alphabetic. It is equipped with the turn-and-learn ABC word tiles as well as the turn-and-learn 123 word tiles – both of which fulfill the roles of inculcating the knowledge of basic arithmetic and alphabetic at the same time.

Developing the child’s skills

Critical skills such as patience, tolerance, and perseverance are needed to fully appreciate and use the toy. Frequent use of the toy thus transforms a child into very tolerant, perseverant and patient person.

Enabling to use full capabilities

The toy is very intriguing, full of fun and comprises lots of fun-filled activities. They are all designed to explore and develop a child’s mental, psychological, cognitive, reasoning, imagination and creativity capabilities.

Keeping the child busy and occupied

Owing to the fact that the toy has lots of activities, playing with it keeps the child very busy and preoccupied, a trait that absolves a parent from the need to constantly stay around the child. The parent is thus capable of performing other chores without any worry.

Alex Jr my busy town

* Cons for Alex Jr. My Busy Town activity cube:

Weight: Its weight of 13.8 pounds (6.26 kg) is way too heavy for a child of one year of age. This severely curtails its portability and diminishes flexibility and convenience of use.

Limited applicability: Given the fact that it is only recommended for children aged above one year old, its application is rather limited since it leaves out a substantial chunk of children who are aged below one.

* Pros for  wooden Alex Jr. My Busy Town:

Durability: The toy is built to last. It is made of very sturdy, stable and durable wooden materials that are resistant to dampening, scratches and breakages. This negates the need for regular maintenance as well as short-term replacements.

Versatility: It is suited for a wide range of tasks and playful activities such as car racing, mazes, counting, ABC learning, animal matching, door opening and closing – just to mention but a few! The child is therefore kept entertained and occupied all along.

Outstanding performance: The toy has a very excellent track record in entertaining children. It was selected “Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award” along other best-selling and top-rating toy titles. Users are thus guaranteed of the very best quality.

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