Anatex Ultimate Fleur Rollercoaster Table

Age Range: 3 to 5 years.

What is Anatex Ultimate Fleur Rollercoaster Table?

Shaped in a sort of rounded plus symbol, the Anatex Ultimate Fleur Rollercoaster Table is a table with loop de loop metal tracks for balls to travel on.


Kids can walk up to the table and push the balls forward on the wire to have them sail along their little rollercoaster track. It’s colorful and sturdy enough to withstand multiple kids playing on it at once.

The design will last for years so it’s worth the money!

Anatex Ultimate Fleur Rollercoaster Table Toy Reviewing

Who is Anatex Ultimate Fleur Rollercoaster Table for?

It’s perfect for a variety of settings. Doctor’s waiting rooms could benefit from a toy that multiple children up to 5 years old can use at once.

The same goes for daycare centers. It can be a fun toy at home too because siblings won’t have to fight over using it.

The plus symbol design provides multiple entry points so more kids can play with it in comparison to the more common cube design.

Even adults can get in on the action and have fun! There’s something really enticing about sending the balls flying along their tracks that even grownups respond to.

Kids will enjoy playing with their friends and parents. Parents will find this toy attractive because it doesn’t require batteries or an expensive tablet that kids might easily break.

Why should you buy Ultimate Fleur Rollercoaster Table?

Too many headaches are caused by toys only one or a couple of children can use at once. This solves that problem by letting multiple kids play with the toy from various angles.

It fosters cooperative play as kids make the balls go from one end of the table to the other and then another child can send the ball on its way again.

The interactive element can promote socialization even amongst kids who have never met each other before.

It’s great to spend time with without having to be dependent upon electricity, screens, or batteries.  In comparison to some developmental toys, the assembly is a breeze for even the most inept adult.

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Pros for Anatex Ultimate Fleur Rollercoaster Table:

1.    Table is heavy and doesn’t tip over easily. It can withstand the wear that children playing with it regularly might cause. Very sturdy. The legs have rubber pads on the bottom to keep the table in place
2.    Can be used to teach counting as a sort of rollercoaster abacus as well as for teaching color recognition.
3.    Kids can work on hand-eye coordination.
4.    Popular with kids and adults who can play together easily without having to worry about skill sets. Visiting children will also easily be able to play with it.
5.    If kids cannot reach the table, then the legs can be taken off and the tabletop can just sit on the floor.
6.    Easy to assemble for any adult. All you have to do is screw in the legs and it’s ready for playtime. Go on, play with it first before the kids!

Cons for Anatex Ultimate Fleur Rollercoaster Table:

1.    Changed to plywood tabletop, which isn’t quite as heavy duty as before.
2.    Takes up space so small rooms might not be the best setting for the toy.

Final Verdict:

The Rollercoaster Table is a well-built toy that can stand up to kids for years. Set up is easy, it’s safe, and kids love playing with it. It’s not a toy that they’ll play with once and get tired of.

Once constructed, it doesn’t require batteries. In fact, the most it should require is a quick cleanup with a wet wipe. It’s recommended for a variety of settings from home to daycares, preschools, and doctor’s waiting rooms.



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