Arrow of Light Cub Scout Kit

Cub Scout Arrow of Light reviewsAge Range: 6 years and up.

What is Arrow of Light Cub Scout Kit?

This is a kit for making ceremonial arrows that are approximately 26 inches long. It includes all parts necessary for making up to 8 arrows, and even detailed charts correlating color and rank.

There’s an instruction booklet with step by step instructions and pictures to help scouts put together their arrows in a hassle-free way.


The package comes with a ceremonial script, making it a complete package for making scouting an enjoyable experience.

Who is Arrow of Light Cub Scout Kit for?

It is recommended that the Cub Scout Kit is used by a person who is at least six years old. There is really no upper limit, since building the arrows is an enjoyable activity, and can be done by anyone, scout or not.

Giving such kits to young children instills essential skills in them, which can help them later on in life.

They are encouraged to make more things and to innovate, rather than to follow the herd through this simple activity, and so if you have got any young children, make sure to let them try out the Cub Scout Kit. And if you want to, you too can try making your own arrows.

Why should you buy Arrow of Light Cub Scout Kit?

Let’s look at the Cub Scout Kit from a design aspect, and it certainly excels, with top-notch materials in adequate quantities to help you make arrows with minimum hassle.

The choice of materials is also excellent and this is especially visible in the choice of Fletching Tape over glue, which makes things a lot more easier (and less messier).

As mentioned earlier, first and foremost, it is a fun activity. Building arrows out of a few parts never gets old, and can really instill curiosity and a desire to make things within children, and these skills are really valuable in life.

Arrow of Light Cub Scout Kit reviews

Cons for Arrow of Light Cub Scout Kit:

The shaft could have been a tad straighter, and some spare feathers would have been nice

Pros for Arrow of Light Cub Scout Kit:

1.) The Cub Scout has all the materials needed to build quality arrows with minimal hassle
2.) It is a lot of fun to make these arrows, and children are bound to be entertained
3.) Children learn real-world skills whilst making these arrows, which is a huge plus point
4.) It is the complete package, with the tools, the instructions and even a ceremonial script that make for a great activity for the kids
5.) Age is no bar for the Cub Scout Kit, since even adults can enjoy making ceremonial arrows

Cub Scout Arrow of Light ideas ceremony

The Verdict:

The Arrow of Light Cub Scout Kit is certainly an essential toy for your child, and you should definitely buy it. Even you can enjoy participating in the activity, which is why you should certainly take a look at the Cub Scout Kit.



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