8 Cool Back-to-School Items for Kids

As summer wanes to a close, kids prepare themselves for going back to school. Every teacher will have a list of the pens, pencils, notebooks, and paper that kids require, but that’s not all that ensure they head off to a great start in the coming school year.


Kids benefit the most from learning both at school and home so parents need to purchase enrichment materials to supplement what they will be learning during the school day. For parents who want to give their kids a little extra to make sure they’re on the right track, here are eight items/toys to go about it:

1. Crayola Creative Art Supply Set: Getting the basics should be as drama free as possible and buying supply packs seem the easiest way to get the stuff every kid needs for school.

back-to-school items list for kids

Crayola has a great line of supply sets, each geared toward kids in grades kindergarten through eighth grade. The art supply set spans age ranges and a set can be bought for school and another set can be bought for the home.

2. Math Flash Cards: Math can come pretty hard for some people so the best thing to do is supplement learning at home with a great box of colorful flash cards.

back-to-school items list for children

This set will help kids learn addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, time, fractions, and money. That covers the building blocks that all other advanced forms of math use so it’s important kids get it right as early as possible.

3. My First Microscope: Learning begins at home and kids who love science will adore this beginner microscope. It was designed with kids as small as preschoolers in mind and its two large viewfinders make it really easy to see what is under the microscope.

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Families can have fun collecting different materials outside in nature and even stuff found inside the home that can be magnified and observed with this microscope! Then everyone can discuss their observations, draw what they see, and look up new science topics brought to light by what’s under the microscope. A lot of kids eventually claim they don’t like science and it’s up to parents to work towards fostering a sense of wonder in the natural world.

4. ALEX Toys Little Hands Ready: Kids preparing to enter kindergarten are expected to know a few skills like tying their shoes and cutting in a straight line. This kit will help them learn all they need to know before the kindergarten exam.

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This kit is a Parents’ Choice Award Winner, so parents can rest easy knowing that the kit will help their child succeed. The kit comes with books that can be reused for other toddlers and preschoolers too so it can be used with younger siblings without having to buy a new kit.

5. LeapFrog LeapTV Educational Gaming System: If kids have to play video games, it really should be educational! Leapfrog makes a great Wii-like device for kids to use for informative play. The camera allows kids to use gestures to operate games but there are also controllers too.

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Kids can dance, learn to read, and play numbers games. Since it’s made by LeapFrog, parents know that it’s a quality educational system to help supplement classroom learning in the early years of their child’s life.

6. OWI 6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit: Teach kids about energy sources by building a cool educational toy that gets its energy from the sun!

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It will be a great project for kids and parents can do together and they both might learn something about how we get energy to operate machines. Renewable energy is going to become vital in the future, probably sooner than later, so this is a great tool to spark interest in engineering and renewable energy.

7. Rory’s Story Cubes: Story time helps kids get ready to learn to read and helps keep them imaginative as they grow up. The story cubes are little dice like cubes that can be used in random combinations to help kids and parents work together to form a cohesive story.


Keeping kids creative will help with more than language and art. It opens their mind to thinking outside of the box to solve problems too. Therefore, kids learning to randomly come up with stories will encourage thinking skills!

8. Educational Insights Geosafari Motorized Solar System: Learning the planets in the solar system is just the basics of sparking an interest in astronomy but it does more than that.

The motorized solar system can act like a night-light and with the stardom accessory the toy can even become a planetarium with a special light show. The base is black so when the lights are out, it almost looks as if the sun and planets are floating out in space.

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Kids will love how back-to-school shouldn’t just be about school supplies! Kids might not be looking forward to another school year so it’s important to get a mix of supplies and toys to make that transition easier for them.

If they learn a little with the toys, well it’s that much better for everyone because they will soon love learning new things. After all, the way to make kids love school is to show how learning can be so much fun.


Make sure your kids are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when they head out to school with educational supplies and learning toys. Good luck and get learning!




  1. Johnny Robert says

    What an amazing list of items. I love it. To me, my most favourite is the math flash card. Teenagers nowadays hate mathematics. So this is the chance for us to develop their ‘passion’ and ‘love’ to math, by buying them math-related stuffs. It will help in their studies too.

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