Back To School Toys for Kids

With a brand new school year, it would be great for the kids to get new learning toys to play at school or at home after a long day working hard.


If you’re looking online and trying to find the must-haves this year for your child, consider the following variety of toys, all of which are kid-friendly, educational in specific and engaging ways.

1# eMedia My Piano Starter Pack for Kids

Maybe your child is a budding musician, or maybe she or he just likes learning new skills. Either way, this starter pack is fantastic for children of all ages.

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This is a keyboard that is designed to connect to the computer, so the child can see the interactive lessons both on the screen and on the keyboard itself. They can learn how to play properly and learn this useful skill that will follow them through life.

2# Mead Primary Journal

Cursive writing is still an important skill for your child to have. This kit is perfect for kids in kindergarden to second grade who want to learn or practice their handwriting skills.

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With guides and examples, kids can learn the basics here in a kid-friendly book that is the perfect size for your child to see the photos and learn the skills him/herself.

3# Snap Circuits Lights Electronics Discovery Kit

If your little one loves science and technology, this is a great option that is perfect for those who are 8 years old and up.

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Controlled by a music player or just a finger, a child can see how the lights change with the beat of the song and learn the beginnings of how circuits work. This is a toy that is educational, but the child will not even realize he or she is learning.

4# My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope

For the scientist in the making (though children under 7 years of age may not get the most out of this toy), this microscope has everything they need.

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Battery operated and featuring 40x, 100x &400x magnifications, this is a great little microscope that can introduce your little one to cells and other plant and mineral life forms.

5# 4-in-1 Robot Kit

For the child 8 years old and up, this is a great robot kit that allows children to create robots of their own using either the instructions and/or their own imaginations.

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There are all sorts of creations possible and is a great way to get your child using creative functions and learning at the same time.

6# Thames and Kosmos Physics Solar Workshop

For those who want to learn about renewable energy, there’s this kit that is perfect for children 8 years old and higher.

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This teaches you about solar power and how to infuse it into the 12 models that are available for building. If your little one wants to learn about motors and machines, this a great option.

7# Sunnytech®hot Air Stirling Engine Single Flywheel Education Toy

While this is a sophisticated toy, your child can learn about thermodynamics and how heat works.

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This is recommended for children above the age of ten with an interest in learning how things work from the inside out. This is certainly a learning toy that can awaken the physics-lover in your child.

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8# Explorer World Desk Globe Assorted Colors

What little one doesn’t love to explore? Show your child the world with this 12-inch by 16-inch globe with a gold tone finished globe and stand.

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Countries are in various colors to show their individualities. This makes a great gift for the child who just can’t learn enough about the world around them.

9# My LDS Quiet Book

If you’re looking for a book that is age appropriate for you little child, this is a great cloth book that will teach your child the morals and guidelines of LDS and help them learn with playful activities such as lacing shoes and using zippers and finger puppets.

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This is a great activity for your quiet child to learn and do with a parent or on his/her own.

10# Boxwhale Educational Musical Caterpillar Ride-On Toy

This musical ride on toy will teach your toddler the alphabet and basic numbers, all while keeping your child safe and free from harm on toddler-proof toys. The bright colors are perfect for engaging and entertaining your child, and they’ll get to learn at the same time in engaging ways that are age-appropriate.

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With all of these wallet-friendly examples, you’ll be able to find the perfect toy for your children, whether they are toddlers or school age. Fun and laughter await in these educational, engaging toys such as the ones posted above.


Each of these back-to-school toys is easy on the wallet and can be passed on to child after child as years go by. Could you ask for anything more?




  1. Jane Clarkson says:

    The robot kit is just fine for kids. If i were to have kids, I would buy the robot stuffs for them. I find this type of toys will develop kids’ IQ and thinking of building something, thus their ability to solve problems are developed too.

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