Best Learning Toys for 11 Month Olds

As your baby is reaching the first one year old of age, it’s a wise idea to provide your little one with great development toys. Finding excellent toys can be a time consuming job with overwhelming choices. You can easily buy these awesome products for your 11-month-old baby at or other online sellers.

17 top educational toys for 11 month old babies:

1. VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Police Station Playset

Best learning toys for 11-month olds
Creativity is the main skill learned with this educational toy set.  With fun noises that your little one will love, this is a toy intended for a child aged above 1 year old.

2. Playskool Step Start Walk ‘n Ride

Top educational toys for 11 month old
This convertible walker gives babies a sturdy walker to help them learn to walk, and easily transforms into a ride on toy for toddlers.  Spinners and knobs complete the toy.

3. Smart Wheels 3-in-1 Launch & Play Raceway

Best toys for 11-month-old babies
Allowing your 1-5 year old child create three unique tracks with fun noises at different parts of the raceway makes this a cool and educational toy for all young children.

4. Smart Animals Zoo Explorers Playset

Top rated toys for 11-month-old girls
For the animal lover, this toy features sound effects and has up to 80 sing along songs that helps babies learn about animals and improve their motor skills without even noticing it.

5. Chomp and Count Dino Toy

Small children development toys
Perfect for the child aged 1-3, this toy has over 130 songs and noises that your child answers by feeding it the right color food.  Both interactive and very educational.

6. LeapFrog Poppin’ Play Piano

Little babies' interactive toys reviews
Appropriate for 1 year old children, this piano plays funny noises and pops a foam ball up to amuse the child.  It can be paired with LeapFrog technology for more options.


7. Hape Walk-A-Long Puppy

2015 best 11-month babies' toys
This pull along puppy helps with strength and coordination, making this a low tech toy have lots of learning and fun involved for toddlers of all personality types.

8. BUCKLE TOY “Buster”

Best-selling learning toys for-11-month-old-kids 2016
Allowing your child to learn problem solving, cognitive skills, hand and eye coordination, and basic match and shape skills, this toy can clip onto a stroller or car seat easily.

9. Busy Learners Activity Cube – Limited Edition

2017 top-rated baby boys and girls toys
For the child aged 6 months to 3 years, this interactive toy features five sides that each demonstrate different learning skills.  This cube encourages brawling and sitting up to play.

10. Touch and Teach Elephant Book

11-month babies' toy reviews
Perfect for infants and toddlers, this book has 16 interactive pages helping to learn shapes and letters with 150 songs and phrases.  Educational and fun for young children and parents.

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11. Hohner Kids HMX3008B Toddler Glockenspiel

Cool toys for 11-month kids
Combining music and play, this safe and BPA free toy is color coded to match the included music to teach your 11 month old child how to make pleasant music.

12. Spinning Spiral Tower Playset

fun toys for 11-month-old child
Perfect for the 1-5 year old, this educational toy sends cars spiraling down two interchangeable tracks that help develop fine motor skills. The gas station and car wash are interactive.


13. Hohner Kids Toddler Music Band

toys for 11 month-old baby boys
A band in a box, this is a fun and educational toy for the 1 year old child.  It promotes musical learning with fun and colorful instruments of all kinds.

14. Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Take-Along Shape Sorter Baby Toy

Best product for 11-month children buy

For the kid of the go, this fun and textured shape sorter will help them learn coordination and shape skills with a fun and mess free design wherever you go.

15. Pull and Learn Car Carrier Pull Toy

Top items for 11-month-olds shopping
For the child aged 1-3, this interactive toy combines pulling for physical skills with number and color cognitive skills. A fun and productive toy for the busy and education-thirsty child.

16. VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

Recommended toys and games for eleven month kids
With 14 interactive games on five sides, this is a game full of music and learning for the toddlers and young children.  Featuring auto-shut-off and adjustable volume, it’s a hit.

17. Smart Shots Sports Center

Best educational-toy reviews for 11-month babies
For the active toddlers, this sports game combines physical activity with shape and coordination learning thrown in.  Keeping your child active and healthy, this is a fun and educational toy.




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