Best Learning Toys for 12 Month Olds


1. LeapFrog AlphaPup Toy

Best learning toys for 12-month olds
As your child between 1 and 2 years of age toddles around, they’ll become familiar with the alphabet and letter sounds. The dog has soft ears and a fun wagging tail.

2. Fisher-Price Growing Baby Animal Activity Puzzle

Top learning-toys for 12-month old babies
Perfect for learning problem solving skills, this toy is bright and colorful to attract attention and interest of your baby.  Each animal has their own activity within the interactive game.

3. Hape Dancing Butterflies Push and Pull

Top rated toys for 12 month old baby
To keep your 1-3 year old child active, this toy features butterflies that circle and blossoming flowers that only work when the cart is moving to promote frequent physical activity.

4. VTech Crazy Legs Learning Bugs

Twelve month children's development toys
Growing with the child as they learn to walk, this toy is great for motor skills and cognitive skills, including shapes and counting with fun designs on mommy bug’s back.

5. My Quiet Book, Fabric Activity Book for Children

Good interactive items for babies of 12-months

For the quiet child, this activity book is made from soft fabric with interactive pages that promote learning. Everything is attached to the book, so no more lost pieces.


6. Tolo Toys Rolling Shape Sorter

Best 12 month old products
Quiet and perfect for developing fine motor skills, this toy gets your child moving and learning different shapes and colors.  Top comes off for fast and safe access for child.

7. Lamaze Cloth Book, Tale of Sir Prance-a-Lot

Cool toys for 12-month-olds
With crinkly pages that will not lose any of their pieces, this fabric book will keep your little one occupied while on the go or at home.  Features bright colors.

8. VTech Catch Me Kitty

Recommended toys for 12-month-old-toddlers
Encouraging your child to move and learn, this toy is great for teaching numbers and coordination in movement. The  fun noises entice the child to chase the rolling cat around.

9. BATTOP Wooden Educational Toys and Colorful Intelligence Shape Learning Box

Best-selling toys for 12-month kids
Made from a high quality wood that will get your child playing and learning shapes and motor skills. This is a great toy for children from 1-3 years of age.

10. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper

Fun toy products for baby girls and boys
Encouraging your infant to walk around, the balls will pop and float around within the toy so they can enjoy this classic toy and gain motor skills all at once.

11. BUCKLE TOY “Blu” Whale

Interactive development toys for 1-year-olds
For the restless child on the go, this buckle toy keeps this occupied with bright colors and teaches them basic problem solving skills at the same time while you go shopping.

12. VTech Dance and Discover Jam Band

Popular toys for 12 month of age
Encouraging musical education and dancing, your 1 year old child will get better motor skills by moving around to the 70 songs and phrases included in this brightly colored toy.

13. Baby’s Light-Up Laptop

Cool toys for sons and daughters 12-m-child
An age appropriate way to get your child using kids’ technology, this pink laptop encourages problem solving and sharp skills.  Perfect for 1-3 year old children in all personality types.


14. Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Vacuum

Best-buy toys for 12-month boys n girls
With 30 sing along songs and lots of noise for fun games, your little one can help you vacuum in an educational and fun way that keeps them very active.

15. Green Toys Flatbed Truck and Race Car

Toy shopping for 12-m kids
With kid safe technology, this truck allows your child to play with both parts and practice their fine motor skills. Brightly colored and encourages movement in your little one.

16. BUCKLE TOY “Bucky” Turtle

12-month babies toy selected
Teaching problem solving skills and cognitive skills, young children can fasten buckles and work zippers while mom shops throughout the day. Designed as a quiet and educational toy for young children.

17. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Tablet

Electronic tablet toys for little-babies
With fun and laughter, your baby will enjoy this interactive toy that features noise and songs to get them learning and practicing their fine motor skills.

18. Shakira First Steps Collection Stack’n Learn Alphabet Blocks

Small children interactive building toys
Teach your little one fine motor skills with large, easy to use Lego style bricks that connect to each other and allow them to explore and build shapes.

19. Smart Wheels Fire Command Rescue Center Playset

Best toys for 12-month-old babies
Encourage play and learning with this set that is interactive and allows your little one to play and move at the same time.  Brightly colored and teaches the letter “F”.




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