Best Newborn Toys for Your Babies

26 Recommended Newborn Toys for Baby Development:

1. Melissa & Doug Flip Fish Toy

Newborn toysFrom one of the most trusted names in children’s toys, Melissa & Doug comes this adorable plush fish. With many different colors and textures, a baby will be find hours of entertainment in this simple newborn toy.

2. World of Eric Carle, Apple Playset

toys for newbornsShare the imagination of Eric Carle with your young ones! This Very Hungry Caterpillar toy features five plush fruits that all make delightful sounds and has a clear opening on the front and an opening just right for tiny hands.

3. Giraffe Baby Crib Toy

Best baby toys for newbornsCarrier handles and crib rails are no fun for baby to look at but with this adorable Giraffe Crib Toy babies won’t be able to take their eyes off of them! It also features four colorful items which are perfect for grabbing and clutching.

4. Galt Toys Inc First Years Farm Playnest and Gym

best toys for newbornsGreat for the parent who always seems to have one more to-do to check off the list, this First Years Farm Playnest and Gym newborn toy will keep a baby happy and occupied for hours! With so many things to do, touch and experience a baby will never want for another toy.

5. The Amazing Baby Activity Turtle

best newborn toysThis newborn toy by Kids Preferred will make for hours of enjoyment for any baby. Featuring five fun pieces that can be seen through the clear panel on the side, the turtle will stimulate baby development while they play!

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6. Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile To Go Travel Toy

toys for newborn babyPerfect for the family on the go, the Infant Stim Mobile To Go will soothe any baby from the stresses of new environments. The toy features three spinning and reversible charms. With 7” round, this infant toy is small enough to fit into any bag or suitcase.

7. Bright Starts Petal Pusher Carrier Toy Bar

Recommended newborn toys with lightsFor the little lady in your life comes this precious Petal Pusher Carrier Toy Bar. All you have to do is attach it to the handle of the carrier via the hook and loop fasteners and your baby will be cooing in no time!

8. Little Tikes 5-in-1 Adjustable Gym

newborn brain development toysFrom one of the leaders in children’s toys, Little Tykes brings the 5-in-1 Adjustable Gym. The 12-position adjustable center means this infant toy will grow with your baby. From a few months old to more than a year, you can be sure that this toy is an investment in your child’s development.

9. Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Clip and Discover Shapes Travel Activity Set

Newborn must-have toys for developmentMake the handle of your baby carrier more appealing to the baby with these Clip and Discover Shapes. Featuring lift flaps and fun animals in a variety of colors, these clips are the perfect on the go grabbing toy.

10. VTech Baby Line Lil’ Critters Discover and Learn Gym

Newborn play toysV-Tech brings you this Discover and Learn gym that is perfect for reaching and grabbing, and for tummy time as well. With lights and sounds it is sure to become your child’s favorite toy from the first time they use it.

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11. Skip Hop Zoo Backpack, Lunchie, and Bottle Set

Educational toys for newbornsMake meal time fun with this backpack, lunch box and bottle combo from Skip Hop. Featuring a delightful butterfly this set is designed to set your child apart and give them years of enjoyment!

12. Hohner 4 Piece Baby Band

Stimulating toys for newbornsEvery child loves to make noise, but with this 4 Piece Baby Band set by Hohner your child can make music! Featuring four different instruments and spring bright, attractive colors this cool newborn toy is well designed to stimulate your child’s musical creativity.

13. Chewbeads Gramercy Stroller Toy

newborn baby toysYou can be sure that your baby will enjoy the texture of these Chewbeads teething rings . You can also take heart that the baby will be doing so in safety thanks to the trusted name of Gramercy! The toy is soft and falafel with no moving or detachable parts.

14. Pillow Pets Dream Lites – Snuggly Puppy

Newborn girl toys 2015Being afraid of the dark is a thing of the past with this Pillow Pet Dream Light. The cute dog design and plush body will make any child want to hold it close. And with a simple tap the entire animal lights up, shining a constellation of stars all over the room!

15. Tiny Love Stroll, Princess Butterfly

Newborn learning toys for boysIf your baby carriage doesn’t have a handle this Princess Butterfly Tiny Love Stroll is perfect! The semicircle of bright butterflies and flowers clips directly to the walls of the carriage and keeps newborn baby’s attention for the entirety of whatever activity you are participating in.

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16. Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile, Tiny Princes

Good toys for newbornsThe Tiny Love Soothe ’n Groove Mobile is sure to be your child’s favorite point of interest. Simply attach it to any crib with the included mounting hardware and your child will be instantly entertained by the music and lights!

17. Skip Hop Giraffe Activity Gym

newborn development toysActivities and textures abound in the Skip Hop Giraffe Activity Gym. Babies will reach, kick and feel their way to new experiences with this fun and soft toy.

18. PokeyBelly Turtle

Baby toys newborn to 3 monthsThis cute newborn plush toy just wants to be your child’s best friend. And when your child wraps their arms around the soft, plush turtle there is no doubt they will become inseparable.

19. Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer, Rainforest Friends

Best learning toys for newbornsNap time just got a lot more fun! The Rainforest Friends bouncer by Fisher Price features sounds and music to soothe baby to sleep and even an overhead giraffe who plays peekaboo and a spinning monkey, too!

20. Noggin Stiks Baby Toy

Newborn cuddly toysThese are more than just holding and grabbing toys. They feature different textures, colors and sizes to activate every aspect of your child’s brain and jumpstart their cognitive development.

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21. The First Years Star Teething Blanket

Newborn toys black and whiteMake tooth-time easier with this star shaped teething blanket. It features five points – each with its own texture so baby can find the one that makes them most comfortable. It also comes with a snap-on ring for easy attachment to a carrier or crib.

22. Skwish Classic Rattle and Teether Grasping Activity Toy

Newborn baby dolls toysA new take on a classic toy! The Skwish rattle by Manhattan Toys gives the baby several points and straight runs to grasp and teeth on. The wood and elastic construction means years of worry-free enjoyment for both baby and parent.

23. The Jellycar Bashful Monkey

Infant toys newborn with priceThis plush toys for newborns comes in four sizes, but is lovable no matter which you choose. The long tail is perfect for dragging when your child simply refuses to let it go!

24. Disney Prince Charming Child Costume

guide newborn baby toys onlineLet your little man show the world that you were right all along: he really is a little prince! This official Prince Charming costume features quality construction that will stand up to repeated wear and the tough test only kids can put clothes through.

25. Soft Activity Book – The Wonderful World of Peekaboo!

top 10 newborn toysWho doesn’t love a good game of peekaboo? With this soft activity book from Melissa & Doug your child can explore and play all on their own! There are more than 5 different peekaboo animals on every page – which means your child will be continually surprised and engaged!

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26. Munchkin Baby Bath Toy, Turtles

newborn pool toys reviewBath time can be a chore, but not when you have these little turtle from Munchkin! Featuring a different activity on the shell of each turtle, these adorable little guys are sure to make any bath time even more fun!

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Choosing Toys for Newborns

Playing is a part of the fundamental learning process in every baby’s life. It is the initial way in which they learn about the very big world into which they were born and also how they develop some of their senses among other forms of development they have to undergo.

In your baby’s first few months, noisy and colorful toys that your baby can listen to and see will be great and come in a handy way before she is able to sit up or even grasp things as she will be learning about all there is around her.

So let us talk of the newborn toys that will aid your baby’s development in different areas. For the sake of simplicity, I will refer to the baby as “her”.


1.    Your baby will at this point in her life need to see pictures of faces. The faces of the people in her life will be good so try using photos of family members and friends. Since her vision will probably be initially fuzzy she may only be able to fix her eyes on things brought up to 20cm or 30cm from her eyes.

2.    Your baby will also need toys that can be held (hand-held toys). Ones with very bright colors and high-contrast patterns will be suitable for captivating your baby as she will see them easily compared to those with darker colors. She will also love and appreciate if the toys are moved into her line of sight/vision as she may not see very far at this point. And though she may not also be able to hold or grasp them yet, you will notice the ones she likes as she bats at them leaving the others.

3.    Though your baby may not realize she is looking at herself, she will find her own reflection in a mirror fascinating when you hold up an unbreakable mirror to her (a soft, plastic mirror will do just fine). This mirror can be fastened to the side of her or anywhere good enough. You will notice she’ll be smiling at it about three months.

4.    High-contrast newborn toys in black, white and red will enable your baby select toys in varying patterns and shapes. This will stimulate her development visually.

Newborn toys


1.    Soft music and sounds are always appreciated by babies and yours will do the same, as they are a great way to soothe and entertain them. Music playing objects that move slowly producing a gentle sound would be preferred to objects that silent and fixed. Don’t forget that your baby loves your voice (irrespective of whether it is music certified or produces just another croaking sound) so take out time to sing softly to her – even while you about everything else you are doing. Getting the lyrics to the best lullabies close will come in handy.

2.    Socks with built-in rattles and rattles she can wear on her wrist are great and a good complement for those standard plastic or wooden rattles. What better way for your baby to experiment with whatever sounds she can produce herself?


1.    Your baby’s unique view of life can take on a whole dimension with mobiles. To develop her eyesight, get the ones with high-contrast colors and patterns. A music playing mobile is especially great and will be enjoyed by your baby. Fix the mobile to your baby’s cot rail and ensure it is always out of her reach.

2.    A set of wind chimes have always been a great gift to any baby. Get and hang one where your baby listen to the sound and watch them as they move. Once in a while you may also need to hold her up so she can sound them for herself, by herself.

3.    As often as possible, lie down beside your baby and read out loud to her from the pages of soft books with high-contrast patterns. The patterns of these books which are easy to see are exactly perfect for your baby. As you read, stay where she can see the pages too, as you turn from one to another. A good story will be appreciated by your baby, even at this age.


1.    Get a sensory toy for your baby. This could be a soft animal that squeaks (makes a sound) when pressed. This will thrill your baby for a long time. As the toy “accidentally” squeaks when pressed, your baby will start becoming aware of what she is doing with her hands.

2.    It is also great to add some tactile toys to her collection of learning toys. These toys have varying sections with different textures. Some portions of the newborn toys will have soft padded pillows, some will have noisy crinkly areas, while some other sections of it will be hard. Such toys will also aid your baby in discovering a lot more about the world into which she has been born.

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