Best Toys for 3-Month-Old Babies

Top Rated Toys for 3-Month-Old Babies to help them develop early skills and learn new things the fun ways.

1# Ty Beanie Boos Kacey The Pink Koala Plush

Toys for 3 month oldCute, pink, sparkly, and fluffy, this is a great little TY koala for your little one who loves animals and soft fabrics. Perfect for nap time or play time alike.

2# Activity Pad Assortment Party Accessory

Recommended toys for 3 month oldsA perfect option for your little one who loves to draw, write, and do other paper activities. With diverse activities in each pad, there is plenty of oppourtunity for fun and laughter.

3# Fun Express Bulk Faith Stones Novelty

Best toys for 3-month-old boysThese faith stones are sure to give you some words of inspiration when the need strikes. Perfect for kids and adults alike, these can offer a helping hand when that tough day arrives.

4# Manhattan Toy Baby Whoozit 6 Inch Stroller and Travel Activity Toy

Awesome baby toys three monthsFor when you’re on the move with your infant, this stroller toy has the exact amount of pulls and dongles to keep your baby entertained while you get your grocery shopping done.

5# Fun Express Bulk FX Educational Products Big Bubble Wand Assortment

Learning toys for 3-mnth-old infantsFor fun in the sun, try this bubble wands. They are sturdy and sure to blow bubbles, even with the limited ability of your child. Perfect for those hot days.

6# Fun Express Farm Animal Relaxable Balls

Selected toys for three month oldsPerfect for the animal lover, or active child, these squishable animal balls will give your children some fun and adventure and teach them about farm life at the same time.

7# Jellycat Soft Books, Jungly Tails

developmental toys for 3 month oldWith adventure and excitement on every soft page, these books are great for your infant or toddler. You will love the stories, and your child will love the pulls and bright colours.

8# The Winter Soldier Toddler Muscle Costume

Best baby toys 3 months
When the mood strikes, have your child ready for adventure with this elaborate and exciting costume. Available from 2T-4T, your little one will be ready for anything.

9# Fun Express Plush Dogs Holding Puppies

toys for 3 months plusIf your child is not animals and babies, this cute set of dogs with puppies will melt your heart and give them something to learn about, too. Perfect for any age.

10# Lots O Lotso Huggin Bear

toys for 3 month old developmentFor a squishy friend, this huggable bear is here in all of his rose coloured glory. This is the perfect sleepover companion and will keep child and mom occupied and happy.

11# Fun Express Wind Up Trains

toys for 3 month old amazonFor when those rainy fays get everyone in a jumpy mood, this two piece wide up train set will give some excitement and safe fun to one and all. Great for races and competitions.

12# Lamaze Clip & Go Rusty the Robot

Top toys for 3 months baby girlIdeal for strollers and bags, this robot is equipped with teething rings and other bobbles that make it a great addition to any diaper bag. Perfect for quiet and rowdy infants.

13# Mother Goose Animated Soft Plush Toy Pink

toys for 3 months and upTo make your children’s bedtime stories more personal, here is a soft and huggable plush toy to add some fun and personalized touches to their sleepy times. Great for toddlers.

14# Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

toys for 3 month childFor your rowdy baby, this jumper is equipped with all of the necessities to keep everyone happy and occupied while the parents do their own thing. A great way to keep your child active, too.

15# VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Spin and Discover Ferris Wheel

appropriate toys for 3 month oldWith all sorts of music and other voice tracks, this colorful ferris wheels promotes fine motor coordination and is great for high chairs or play areas.

16# Melissa & Doug What Should I Wear Game Soft Activity Book

soft toys for 3 month babyFor the little one who loves to play dress up, this crinkling fabric book as a movable plus doll and all sorts of outfits to match the story she tells. Great for learning words, too.

17# VTech Baby Talk and Go Farm Rattle

toys for 0-3 month babiesWith lights and colors to amuse young minds, this toy is great, lightweight, and perfect for on the go fun. Easily slipped into a diaper bag or for at home during playtime, this is a great interactive toy.

18# B. Hug Links Teething Toys

top 10 toys for 3 month old babiesWhen you child needs to chew and nibble, these teething rings are a safe and colourful option for those aged 3 months to 3 years old. In bright colors with soft rubber, everyone is happy.

19# Nuby Teethe and Shake Rattle Teether

Three month old learning toys

When teething cuts in, combine a teething ring with a fun rattle. It’ll keep your baby content and the fuss to a minimum, much to everyone’s relief. Great colours and design.

20# Bright Starts Grab and Stack Blocks Toy

educational toys for three month old childTo promote motor skills and activity in children, use these plush cubes. They are squishable won’t cause any harm or noise when they topple to the ground, what a relief.

21# Hohner 4 Piece Baby Band

usa toys for 3 month old babiesFor the next musical prodigy in training, there is the set of instruments that is perfect for those ones who want to move and shake when the music comes on . Perfect for interactive play.

22# Giraffe Baby Crib Toy From Crib Critters

toys for 3-6 month babiesFor on the go play, there is this warp around giraffe toy that will hang lots of pulls and play things for your captivated little. Soft and brightly coloured, this is a great option for infants.

23# Ocean Wonders Seahorse Rattle

Best-selling toys for 3-mnth-oldsWhen the going gets rough, try this exciting and fun yellow seahorse rattle. It’ll entertain your little one and keep their hands busy while you do your daily tasks.

24# Baby Einstein Busy Bellies

infant toys 3-6 monthsWith bright colors and pull toys, this shaking and rattling toy frog is great for young ones that want to explore their toys carefully. This is a great option for the animal lover as well.

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Your 3-Month-Old Baby Development

Being 3-month old, and also growing older and becoming a toddler, your baby at this stage should have a place on a daily schedule and also give you time to nurse yourself.

This guide will give a few details about your baby’s possible success rate within three months.

Third Month Baby Milestones: Motor Skills

Some inborn reflexes that the baby displays during the first few months, like the startle reflex, will decline or weaken by the third months. And  you probably must have noticed that the baby’s collar muscle is refining. When held straight, you will notice little or no head shaking. At the third month, babies’ upper-body strength increases enough to support their head, arms and chest while lying horizontally on their belly and also enough lower body muscle to spread out their legs and kick.

When you watch your baby closely, you will notice some signs of hand-eye-coordination. Your baby’s hands will open and close, move together, go after colorful hanging toys and objects, and when grab it goes straight to their mouth.

Third Month Baby Milestones: Sleep

The nervous system of your 3-months old baby is increasing, and his belly can contain more milk or formula. These changes will allow your baby to sleep for a long period of six to seven hours at once, which can also be a good time for you to have a good night’s sleep.

In a case where your baby wakes up in the middle of the night, hold up for about 30 seconds before going towards the nursery. Because he might cry some few seconds before drifting back to sleep. And if you move swiftly at the first sound of cry, your baby will make it a habit and won’t sleep on his own.

If the cries of your baby don’t stop and he demands you to head to his room in the middle of the night, stay with the basic stuff. If necessary, feeding and changing of diapers can be done in the dark and before you know it he is back to his crib. Later on, he will understand that the nighttime is meant for sleeping only.

Daytime sleep schedule should also be part of your baby habit by this time. 3-months old babies normally sleep for about 1 ½ to 2 hours during the day.

The hearing and vision of your 3-month old must have improved. At this age, babies will turn their head and smile at the sound of their parent’s voice and listens to any type of music.

Your baby will be attracted to brightly colored toys and object. This is because clear contrasts are easily seen. 3-month-old babies are fascinated by faces. When you look at him, he will surely look back into your eyes. Babies with stare attentively to their own image in his crib mirror.

Third Month Baby Milestones: Communication

Your baby will start maturing into a distinctive human being within the third month. This is the ‘’hatching’’ stage as described by the child psychiatrist Margret Mahler, at this stage, the baby comes out of their shell and is aware of the world around them and tries to relate communicate with it. The hatching procedure involves interacting with humans around them while smiling, which is also regarded as social smiles.

When the third month elapses your baby’s cry won’t be the basic method of communication. As a matter of fact 3 months old babies do no cry for more than an hour per day. But in a case where the cry goes above an hour or more, it’s then advised to schedule a meeting with a pediatrician, this is because reflux or any other medical problem might be the cause of the tears.

Your baby deplores other means of communication instead of crying, liking cooing and the use of vowel sounds like oh and ah for instance. Involve your baby in the interaction by making these sounds too, and explain what act you are performing when together. Say, ‘’ I’m changing your diaper now.’’ Or, ‘’ it’s lunch time’’. Your baby will listen attentively to your vocal sound and your facial countenance as you speak. Later on, he will start creating his own sound and gestures. Creating interaction also serves as a means bonding with your child.

There is some difference in every baby. So do not become worried if your baby misses a landmark, which sometimes occur if the child was born premature. Nevertheless, call or visit your pediatrician if your baby hasn’t displayed any of these features within three months

• Reaction to noises
• Monitoring objects and people with his eyes
• Smiled
• Reach out for items

Tips for Your Baby’s Third Month

• Group of professionals that gives advice on parenting. Especially on how to make your baby sleep calmly through the night, pay attention to the advice but also believe your instincts. If the cry out of your baby (the Ferber method) goes against your ethics and beliefs as a guardian or parent, do not attempt it.
• Friends or family members might say that feeding your baby with solid food will aid him sleep calmly at night. But exercise patients for about a month or more. The American Academy of Pediatrics does not sanction that babies eat any food aside breast milk or formula until they attain the age 4/6 months old.



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