Best Toys for 2-Month-Old Babies

When you’re choosing appropriate development toys for your beloved 2-month-old baby, the number of choices can be overwhelming.

Here’s a brief description of 23 products you might want to choose for your two month old little. You can find and buy them all from Amazon or other online toy vendors.

You might also want to have a look at the information on your newborn’s develoments near the end of this page!


1. Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat Deluxe Giggles Island

Toys for 2-month old baby

This product functions like a booster seat, but also includes a variety of entertaining attachments to make it a safe place to put baby while you are working nearby, and also something that will be mentally stimulating. The toy includes 6 detachable items that connect to the toy bar. It also includes a snack tray.

2. InCharacter Baby Monster Costume

Best toys for 2 month old babies

Who wouldn’t love to dress their little monster in a cute costume. This 100% polyester product comes in blue, yellow and orange and is made from imported materials. Good news for parents, is that it’s machine washable. The bottom of this lined jumpsuit has snap leg closures and slip on, skid resistant booties.

3. Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper – Jungle Quest

Good toys for two mth old kids

For your budding naturalists. Put them in an ExerSaucer that will motivate them to be interested in animals and the world around them with this jungle themed model. This educational toy has been well known as a safe, secure place for babies to play and explore. It includes 58 different learning activities.

 4. Fun Express Multicolor Tissue Flower Garland Novelty

Fun gifts for 2 mth infants

This is a bright, cool garland that could be great for your next party. It’s made from multicoloured tissue, and is 9’7” long. The paper isn’t overly durable, so use caution and be careful when hanging it.

5. Oscar Owl

Appropriate products for newborn baby

Is a TY Beanie owl. Like most TY beanies, he’s durable and beautiful. It is designed to be enjoyed by young kids, and the hanging tags should always be removed if the toy is being given to a child. If it’s being kept as a collector’s item, sometimes it’s better to leave the tags on.



6. Funko Pop! Fallout Vault Boy

Cool gifts for 2 month babies

Another great addition to anyone who wants to collect Funko Pop figures. This one is unique because it glows in the dark.

7. VTech Baby Cuddle and Sing Cody

Top educational toys for two month olds

Another great toy for the little ones. This is a cuddly toy that has various buttons that will stimulate the imagination and motor skills. It can be attached to a crib, stroller or car seat. The buttons flash lights and teach colors, numbers and objects.

8. Jellycat Bashful Monkey

Learning gifts for 2-month-old babies

This 12” toy is suitable for any child. It is spot clean only, but well designed with polyester fabric, secure plastic eyes, and plastic pellet stuffing. It’s soft, and easy for babies to hold.

Babies of two months old can see people or things from up to 18 inches away.

Your newborn child should respond to your voice and face by recognizing them.

9. Disney Prince Charming Child Costume

Activities for two month old baby

This costume fits child sizes 4-6. It’s made from polyester and cotton, and your infant will look cool dressing up in this licensed Disney product and playing make believe as Prince Charming, or another royal character.

10. Melissa and Doug The Wonderful World of Peekaboo

What to expect from a 2 month old baby

Like other Melissa and Doug products, this soft book is made of safe, quality materials. It includes at least 5 peekaboo animals on each page and is great for exploration and discussion with your 2 month baby.


11. Munchkin Baby Bath Toy, Turtles

2 month old baby development

Each turtle includes a different feature. One is a mirror, one a rattle, the other a rolly ball. This toy is designed for small children. The turtles float in the bathtub for endless fun.

12. Kids Preferred Amazing Baby Feel and Learn

Toys for 2 month old baby girl

This is part of the amazing baby book series and is designed to help your infant develop better in their first months of life. The book has places with teethers, and makes different crinkling noises to stimulate baby’s senses.

13. Fun Express Inflatable 14” Tropical Fish Toy

developmental toys for a 2 month old

This kit includes 12 inflatable fish that are each 14”-15” long. They come in a variety of colors, and are shipped deflated to save space. Use these next time you want aquatic themed decorations for your next pool party.

14. Jellycat Bashful Lamb

Toys for 2-4 month old babies

Similar to the monkey listed above, this 2 month old baby toy is suitable for all ages and is made from soft, cuddly fur. It is filled with plastic pellets and great for cuddling.

15. Manhattan Toy Classic Baby Beads Wood Rattle, Teether, and Clutching Toy

Toys for 2 mth old boy infant

Made by Manhattan toy, so you can rest assured that it’s well made. This is a toy that features 12 multi-colored beads that can be twisted and adjusted into different shapes to help tactile development. Great for children with autism spectrum disorders.


16. Jellycat Soft Books, Peek a Baby

Shop great toys for 2-month-old

These books can be used from birth on, and are spot clean only. Made from polyester, they easily attach to a stroller, or other piece of baby furniture.

During the day you should help your 2-month-old babies to move around in different positions. This allow them to use the muscles they’ll need for rolling, crawling, and eventually walking.

17. Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Center

Selecting best toys for 2-month-old

This activity center is ocean themed and rotates 360-degrees so the child can access all the toys. It includes a piano, octopus popper, turtle pull toy, whale spinner and four more toys. The seat is sand-dollar patterned.

18. 1000 8” Lumistick Glow Light Stick Bracelets

2 month old grabbing toys

This is a wholesale pack that includes 10 tubes or 100 glow sticks. Get your next party off to a glowing start with this huge pack of sticks. They come in assorted colors and include 100 connectors to make the glow sticks into bracelets or necklaces.

19. VTech Lil’ Critters Play and Dream Musical Piano

Ideal toys for 2 month old infant

Motivate your child’s love of music from an early stage. This piano plays over 70 songs, melodies and phrases. The toy can be placed directly on the floor, or attached to the side of the crib. The music is played with five animal patterned keys.

20. Skip Hop Giraffe Safari Activity Gym Toy

What kind of toys for a 2 month old

This is a playtime gym that includes 22 activities. Five different animals hang from rings at the top of the toy. The toy displays a variety of colors, and offers different sounds and shapes to stimulate baby.



21. Little Tikes 5-in-1 Adjustable Gym

Musical toys for 2 month old

An activity center that can be used sitting, standing, as a play table, or as an easel. Parents can select one of three modes. When the different activity settings are not being used, the table can be converted into a place for other games or crafts.

22. Wimmer-Ferguson Clip and Discover Shapes Travel Activity Set

Play toys for 2 month old baby

This is a toy set from an award-winning collection. Three pieces provide visual, auditory and tactile development. The toys for 2 month old babies rattle and squeak and have mirrors and areas for teething. Their secure rings make them easy to attach to a diaper bag or purse.

23. VTech Baby Line Lil’ Critters Discover and Learn Gym

Products suitable for 2-month-old infant baby

Similar to the jungle themed version above, this farm themed learning gym offers a unique experience for baby. The volume control makes it easy for parents to control how much they want to listen to. The mat is machine-washable and allows for baby to play on back or tummy.

If you are searching for a birthday, Christmas, or just-for-fun gift, any of these awesome toys could fit the bill.


For more reference:

Your Baby’s Development at 2-Months

You couldn’t have been happier with the arrival of your bundle of joy. The waiting period finally came to an end and you’re in a new phase of life.

But since then, you wished the newborn’s developments could come as fast as they can, even as your baby enters his second month. Relax, a 2-month-old baby development is in their numbers, and your baby is certainly not exempted from this phase of life.

For the sake of simplicity, I will refer a 2-month-old baby as “he” or “him”.

Perhaps your baby is not sleeping all through the night. But if you must know, at the time, he should be sleeping for longer hours. This will afford you the opportunity to focus on other things in the house.

When should I expect the first smile?

Smiling is certainly part of a 2-month-old baby development phase, and in no time, your baby should be beaming with that toothless baby smiles. This will excite you when you see it, and you will nod your head in affirmation to that fact that all is well as the developmental process proceeds.

You might even consider it as a payback time. All the nappy-changing, cuddling and kissing seemed like a futile exercise, but one day, when you least expect, it happens—he smiled, and you know of the truth that’s no fluke.

You’ll be elated irrespective of what happened the night before. At this point, you can now come to terms with your 2-month-old baby development as the first sign just emerged. You may want to initiate a smile out of your baby by pulling funny faces at him and also making some funny noises. Your baby will start coping as time progresses.

How well is my baby’s vision?

Moving beyond early preferences for two-color objects are certainly part of a 2-month-old baby development, to a more detailed, clear and bold designs—even colors and shapes.

You can help your baby’s vision by showing him brightly- colored objects and allowing him to touch them. Objects that can come in handy are plastic toys and soft balls.

When will my baby have a sound sleep all through the night?

Consider yourself lucky if your baby sleeps all through the night, because this is an uncommon occurrence. At 2-months, most babies wake up intermittently during the night, to be fed and that means your sleep will be disturbed.

Slowly and surely, your baby will start sleeping for longer hours and he will be awake for a long period of time too.

How do I improve my baby’s activeness?

The sight of colorful toys will excite your baby, so do well to have some around him. He may gaze at them continuously as if he has been hypnotized. He may also hit them with his tiny closed fist and wriggle his arm and legs in sheer delight.

You can improve your baby’s activeness by ensuring that these colorful toys are readily available to keep him engaged.

Coordinating movements is another thing you might want to consider during the 2-month-old baby development stage, and your baby should be doing better at it now. The jerky arm and leg movements of your baby should be a lot smoother than it used to be.

As you might have noticed, the grasp of your 2-month old is really strong and letting go is something he’s not willing to do at this time. If you‘ve a long hair, you’d better prepare for the painful experience of trying to loosen your baby’s grip over your hair.

What about my baby’s postnatal check-up?

Have it at the back of your mind that your baby’s checkup will come up between six to eight weeks; this is to ensure that the developmental process is going on well.

Now is the time to bring your worries to the table, if there are any. And know that this will be done in your local surgery, or better still, at home by a doctor or a nurse—or even a health visitor.

This check-up will remind you of the one your baby had when he was newly-born and the one in his first week after birth. The procedure entails:

•    The measurement of your baby’s length and the circumference of his head.
•    The checking of the eyes, hips, genital and hearts.
•    Feeding and growth pattern of your baby

It is imperative you remember to take along your baby’s Personal Child Health Record to the check-up, and also for his immunizations.

With my baby’s first immunization, what happens next?

As the 2-month old baby development goes on, diseases pose a serious threat to your baby’s health.

To this end, immediately after the six to eight-week postnatal check, then his first set of immunizations will take place. The followings will be administered: DTaP/IPV/Hib. This will help with the protection against polio, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and so much more.

Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine: This is for the protection against pneumococcal infections.

Rotavirus vaccine:  With this in the way, your baby will be safeguarded against rotavirus, which is a highly infectious virus associated with gastroenteritis in babies.

Meningococcal group B (MenB): Meningitis, septicaemia and a couple of other infections will stay far away from your baby, which is caused by meningococcal group B bacteria.

The immunization will be administered by a nurse or doctor through an injection, or orally, in the case of the upper rotavirus with an applicator that’s already pre-filled. The injections will be given in tight and in each of the legs.

These will only last a couple of seconds, and it might hurt a little bit; you can comfort your baby with so much cuddling afterwards.

It is possible you might experience some kind of delay in your baby’s immunization if he happens to have  a fever, or unwell in some kind of way. On the hand, if it’s just a minor illness—like cough or cold—for just a few days, you can go ahead with the immunizations.

You can reduce the risk when your baby is having a fever from meningitis (MenB) vaccine with the help of infant paracetamol suspension, shortly afterwards—even if there are no signs of feverish conditions.

Is my baby development going the way it should?

A 2 month-old baby development varies among children and this is simply because babies are unique and will make steady progress at different times within this period. This is a snippet of what your baby is capable of doing, if not now, then later on in the future.

If you had a premature birth, you should understand that your baby will require more time to catch up with his contemporaries; this is the reason why premature babies are usually given two ages by doctors, which are:
•    The age which is calculated from the baby’s date of birth; this is the chronological age
•    The corrected age that is calculated from the baby’s due date.

It is of the essence that you carry out a measurement of your premature baby’s development as against his corrected age; we are not talking about his actual date of birth here. A proper assessment will be done by your doctor or health visitor concerning his development from his actual date of birth, and a subsequent evaluation of his skills will follow suit.






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