Best Toys for 8 Month Old Babies

This is a selected top toys for 8 month old babies. Hope that your child will enjoy playing these hours after hours and develop some early good skills!

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1.    Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pod, Pea

Selected Best toys for 8 month old babies

A safe and perfect toy for your baby. The pea is made up of nice fabric which is easy to clean. This is an affordable type of baby doll and it helps increase the imaginative skills of babies.

2.    LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo

Best children 8 months old review

It is an amazing toy for the learning purposes of your baby with a spin wheel which contains alphabets from A to Z and the pictures of animals. When you spin the wheel and touch a particular alphabet it will play a relevant sound with an animal name.

3. Lamaze Rainbow Stacking Rings Developmental Toy

Top toys product for 8-month-old babies

This toy has different soft rings of dark and bright rainbow colors. The rings will stimulate the vision of your baby and make your baby learn about different colors.

4.    Tiggly Words Interactive Learning Toy

Top rated toys for 8-month-olds

This is an amazing digital toy which will help your baby learn about vowels, words, nouns and help them to solve problems. This works with ipads and android tablets very easily and it doesn’t require any battery or wifi to work.

5.    My Quiet Book, Fabric Activity Book for Children

7 8 9 month little-babies toys review
It is a type of fun book with 8 pages and each page has different shapes and colors. This will make your baby busy learning good skills for hours.

6.    Lamaze Cloth Book, Tale of Sir Prance-a-Lot

Recommended gifts for young kids

A type of soft book, the toy has different crinkle pages with bright colors made up of fabric to attract the attention of a baby. It is easy to wash and clean.


7. LeapFrog My Discovery House

Best house-toy for 8-infants

This is an attractive toy house which contains doors to turn and open. It also has 5 play areas with more than 75 learning responses. Your baby can hear different stories and songs with this LeapFrog product.

8.    VTech Spinning Tunes Music Player

Best-selling learning-toys for-8-month-old babies

This is a great music player for little children. When the dial is pressed, the cool circles on both sides start moving and play different melodies. It also teaches the name of different musical instruments.

9.    Fisher-Price Learning Letters Mailbox

Top-selling toys for 8 month-olds boys and girls

This best-selling is a quite unique educational toy with a mailbox with different characters and flags for babies to learn about letters, numbers and colors.

10.    Tomy Lamaze My First Fishbowl

Best edsucational toy for 8 baby

This baby item has different sea creatures and when being pressed, each one will make a different sound. All the sea creatures contain bright colors which are very good for stimulating a baby’s vision.

11.    Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Bat and Wobble Penguin

Parents' recommended products for young children

This fun toy of penguin will act like a good friend of your baby. The penguin contains bright colors and it is tall, but made in such a way that it never falls on the ground. Your baby will enjoy playing with it all day long.


12.    Jellycat Soft Books, Peek A Baby

Cool picture-books for infants readingThis cool fabric-made book is for newly born babies and it has unique picture stories with bright colors.

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13.    VTech Sit-to-Stand Smart Cruiser Toy

Cool toys items picking for 8-months olds

It is an amazing ridable toy just like a car which contains a steering wheel. What more, the toy plays more than 80 songs and sounds of engine starting, changing gears…

14. Tomy LamazeShapes Activity Puzzle and Crib Gallery

8-month-old boys development toys

This shape and picture matching puzzle is very attractive for babies because of its bright and unique colors. The puzzle shape game is very helpful for the brain development of your baby.

15.   Eastern Jungle Gym Jumbo Plastic Telescope

Top toys 8-month baby girl

It is a telescope toy, which looks real and attractive. The 12 inches long item contains bright green and yellow colors.

16.    Jellycat Soft Books, Jungly Tails

Fun educational-toys for 8 months kids

Made up of polyester, this book is for newborns and up. It has different fun light and sounds.

17.    Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Screen Laptop

Top best interactive toys for-8-month-old baby

This laptop toy is very entertaining. It has different buttons which play different sounds, songs and words. Your baby will also learn ABCs, counting and different shapes.




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