Brio Parking Garage Toy

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Age Range: 3 and up.

What is Brio Parking Garage?

The Brio Parking garage is part of the Brio line of toys that feature trains and cars and allow your kids to build their own road/track network.

The Brio line of toys has been in production since 1884 and has continuously kept kids entertained and happy. Many kids are fascinated by cars and trains and this set gives them the ability to play with them in an environment that they design.


Included with the Brio Parking Garage is a garage facility with two floors and numbered parking spots, a road ramp, two rail ramps, 2 cars, a car trailer, a gas tank, and a car elevator to make the experience even more enjoyable.

The Brio Parking Garage is expandable with any of their road or train systems to create a truly unlimited building experience for children.

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Who is Brio Parking Garage for?

Brio toys are recommended for kids age 3 and up but they are a great option for any kid that is inquisitive and likes to explore the building of a train system. The cars can have small parts on them so they might not be the best for kids that like to chew on their toys.

Kids playing with this set alone do not need that complex of an understanding of how pieces fit together but when you start to combine different sets kids might want to have a knowledge of how the pieces fit together or the experience might be frustrating.

This educational toy will help kids learn the rules of the road and how to operate different facetted of the structure. When combined with other sets kids will learn to build networks of roads and rails and even potentially learn to build complex networks.

By being such an open playset Brio fosters creativity in kids and allows them to play with toy cars without having screens or controllers to take away from the experience.

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Cons for Brio Parking Garage Toy:

• For maximum enjoyment kids might need more than one Brio set.
• Younger kids might not get the concept of connecting roads in the right directions.

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Pros for Brio Parking Garage Toy:

Kids will get to learn creativity as they build their own road and rail system.
• No screens or controllers to distract kids.
• Long history of toy creation bring joy to kids.
• No batteries needing changing.

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Final Verdict:

The Brio toy system is what many adults played with when they were growing up because gaming systems simply didn’t exist. These toy sets have been enjoyed for ages and the Brio Parking Garage is no different.

With the Brio Parking Garage toy your kids will experience a simpler play time that will allow them to have fun just the way you did when you were a kid.

Brio parking garage toy for kids

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