Chicco Music ’N Play Table

Chicco Music ’N Play Table toyAge range: 12 months and up.

What is Chicco Music ’N Play Table?

The Chicco Music ’n Play Table is a two in one toy that is great for kids. This toy is a dual functioning small table with a keyboard and music area on one sider, and a building block station that can be flipped over on the same table to create two different play stations at home.

There is also a small storage area under the table to keep the building blocks when you need to store it away. The table has dual functions including a top with a small piano keyboard and hands on toy, and a second top of 10 building blocks.


The table includes colorful keys, fun lights and music to sing or hum along to. You can choose to play a song or listen to the music while playing with the buttons on the keyboard top.

There is also a small flip book and colorful mini games built into the keyboard top. Once you flip the keyboard over, you will see a large building block station where your child can build a tall building or a fort around their castle.

Who is Chicco Music ’N Play Table for?

The Chicco Music ’n Play Table is intended for child 12 months and older. The pieces are large enough that your child will not be able to swallow them while playing with them.

The toy is great for infants and toddlers looking for fun games to play without having to carry multiple toys around.

You don’t have to worry about buying a separate keyboard or building blocks along with the table because it comes all in one.

There are not parts sold separately, everything comes in one box for you to open up and play with your little one at home.

Chicco Music ’N Play Table activiy toy for kids


Why buy Chicco Music ’N Play Table toy?

The Chicco Music ’n Play Table is not only a fun toy, it also teaches your child organization, coordination, music and building skills.

This recommended educational toy is great for your child to develop new motion and motor skills that are essential for them to learn while growing up.

Your child will not be bored while playing with this toy. You would love a toy that help kids learn new sounds, developmental skills and basic organization and stacking skills.

They will be able to put the pieces together, and create new music on the keyboard that will teach them the basic of understanding skills.

Chicco Music and play table toy for kids review

Cons for Chicco Music ’N Play Table:

•    There aren’t many cons for the Chicco Music ’n Play table. There is an age recommendation of 12 months and up. The toy keeps your child moving and playing, but may not be suitable for young infants who can not walk or crawl yet.
•    Children under 12 months may not be interested in playing due to not understanding what is going on.
•    There are many colors and noises which may be distracting.

Pros for Chicco Music ’N Play Table:

•    Different dual components of the toy to keep you entertained such as the reversible top for playing music or building blocks.
•    Interactive and colorful to keep the child happy and alert while playing.
•    The table gives them standing coordination skills. They can sit down or stand up and use the table to give them balancing skills while playing their favorite game.
•    Learn multitasking skills such as playing the piano and listening to music.
•    The table lights up with bright colors which keeps their attention while playing.
•    All the pieces on the music table are built in and can not be taken off. The building blocks are quite large and cannot be swallowed.
•    Very compact and able to store away easily at home.

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