Collect and Build Robo Battlers Series Stomper

K’NEX Collect and Build Robo Battlers Series Stomper for childrenAge Range: 7 years and above.

What is K’NEX Collect and Build Robo Battlers Series Stomper?

These advanced toy parts are used to build battlers’ series stomper. The toy comes with 118 K’Nex parts that include primary micro rods and connectors that are used to build motorized robot.

These parts give children experience for creating robots by themselves!


The K’Nex parts can be combined in various ways to produce robots that are more complex. Some combinations may be difficult for kids below 7 years but a little adult’s help will contribute towards success.

How Does Collect and Build Robo Work?

The K’Nex parts come with micro rods and connectors combines with slasher for a combo build that is purchased separately. The parts are combined to make a motorized robot that children can play around with.

The outcome stomper moves by jumping and requires 2 ‘AA’ batteries for its full performance. These parts are made in U.S.A. for children above 7 years of age.

The instructions for making the robots are very clear and easy to follow. Children above seven years are able to combine the parts by themselves but those below this recommended age may find it difficult to combine.

In this case, an adult guidance is necessary before leaving the kid to combine alone.

What Is The Expected Cost?

Are you planning to give this toy to your kid as a birthday present? Are you looking for the most affordable toy?

Given that various parts may be combined to create more complex robots, the price is very affordable. By buying the K’Nex parts, your kid will get an opportunity to make various robots and play with them.

K’NEX Collect and Build Robo Battlers Series Stomper reviews

Manufacturer’s recommendation

The Collect Build Stomper of Robo Battlers Series provides the most exciting mechanical movement that interest kids.

Combining the Hopper and the Scooter builds even a bigger motorized robot! Children love robots and the bigger builds are good for bigger children.

The motorized moves by jumping and is amazing when children make it work successfully.

Pros for Collect and Build Robo:

• The K’Nex parts can be given as presents to kids of 7 years and above
• The instructions are easier to follow
• The kids can combine different sets to obtain more complex robots
• The sets and pieces are reusable

Cons for Collect and Build Robo:

• The K’Nex parts may cause choking effect and therefore requires complete caution.
• The product is not for use by children of 3 years and below (under)
• The instructions are a bit difficult and frustrating especially if it is the first encounter with K’Nex parts. A little help from the adults brings success.

K’NEX Collect and Build Robo Battlers Series Stomper toy reviews

Final Verdict:

This is a great toy for kids. Children create their own toys using the K’Nex parts making it a fun activity.

The instructions are straightforward and the final robotic product is something kids can be proud of. The parts are motorized and playing around with the complete robot is amazing.

K’NEX Collect and Build Robo Battlers Series Stomper  is recommended to both boys and girls.

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