I am Sonny Newton, a father of an adorable and smart son.

Basically, I like children very much. They are fresh, easy to talk to and eager to learn new things.

That is why since I had my little boy, he has become my best friend. I can play with him, talk to him, tell him stories and explain him endless childish questions all day long without tiredness or boredom.

“Only where children gather is there any real chance of fun.”

The above quote by Mignon McLaughlin suits me extremely fine. I enjoy being with my child and other little ones so much.

children in game

Learning Toy Tips is my blog where I keep information on the best educational toys available on the market for my son these days and in the coming years.

Here I also want to store my thoughts on good parenting: the best ways to play and learn with my son, how to make him get excited to acquire new skills and develop fully at each age…

I would like very much to share these things with you all. As I said above, I love children a lot. So if you can find ways to teach your little boys and girls to become well-behaved and talented ones, I will be more than happy.

If you want contact me or share your parenting experience with me and other parents, please send me an email at LearningToyTips (at) or you can use the contact form below. Thank you.

Sonny Newton

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