Educational Insights: My Body Activity Center

Educational-Insights My Body Activity Center Reviews

Age Range: 6 to 10 years.

What is Educational Insights My Body Activity Center?

This is an interactive wall chart made of cloth showing the major organs of the body from head to hips. It’s placed on a black background and the individual components are made of detailed and bright colored pieces of cloth. It comes with labels, organs made of cloth, and an activity guide for even more anatomy related fun.

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Who is Educational Insights My Body Activity Center for?

The chart is designed for early elementary school students who are curious about anatomy. This is a great toy for kids of that age because they are just starting to be curious about their body and what makes it work. Budding scientists or doctors may also adore this as a decorative item or learning tool. Truly kids older than the suggested age range could find this a great teaching aid as well.

Why should you buy Educational Insights My Body Activity Center?

Educational toys that have a fun visual component are the best toys to get for children. The sooner they equate learning with fun, the easier it will be to get them to enjoy learning. This will help them excel in school. Additionally, it is always good to encourage the interests and curiosities of children. If they’re interested in anatomy now, you may be sowing the seeds for a future doctor.

Cons for Educational Insights My Body Activity Center:

1. There’s not a lot to do beyond taking off pieces of cloth and sticking them back on again. Kids might get bored after a while and want something a little more interactive.
2. Since the parts are removable, it stands to reason that some of the pieces of the included labels could be easily lost.

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Pros for Educational Insights My Body Activity Center:

1. It includes 16 different organs to attach in the right places, an activity guide to encourage learning, and 15 labels.
2. Attention to detail in making each organ distinct in order to stand out from the rest. It all fits together too, just like it would in the body.
3. Can encourage interests in anatomy and science in young children. They can memorize the organs of the body at a very early age that will help them along in school. They’ll be ahead of the pack when it comes to introductory anatomy and biology.
4. The pieces all fit very well together much like they do in the actual body. Kids can pretend that they are doctors explaining how the human body fits together and works.
5. The toy is very durable so it should stand up to years of use. Durability is well worth the price if it means multiple kids in the family can play with the toy.
6. It is great for classrooms. It could even be used with older kids than suggested as a learning aid. The toy can easily teach anyone the name of each organ and the basic look of each organ. There is no age range to cap for that.

Chart of the human body for children learning

Final Verdict:

While not the most versatile learning toy on the market, Educational Insights: My Body Activity Center will last for years because of how durable it is. Kids will enjoy the colorful pieces that fit together to form the entire organ structure of the human body. It is also a great toy for classrooms to use as a teaching aid because of the attention to detail put into the toy.

Overall, it can be recommended because kids will enjoy learning the names of the organs and how they fit together. It’s a great gateway toy into learning about anatomy and the uses of each organ to keep humans alive.

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