Educational Insights Wonder World Set

Large World map for children

Age Range: 5 years and up.

What Is Educational Insights Wonder World Set?

This map set is ideal for teaching geography, places, animals, landmarks and so on. The map is made of cloth, and each felted animal, landmark, and so on has a velcro piece on the back for sticking to the cloth.

It makes for a great educational tool at home or at school, and in one customer review, a teacher said she used it for teaching trade routes to her eighth-graders.


Plus she mentioned that the parents even joined in with quizzing themselves on various locations.

Educational-insights Wonder-world map

continents and oceans for kids

Who Is Educational Insights Wonder World Set For?

The minimum start age is 5 years, though kids as young as four could easily play around with this. However, this is not meant for kids younger than three, as there are small parts that could pose as a choking hazard.

The brightly colored map and figures that go on the map appeal to parents and teachers alike, as so many various types of lessons can be taught with this toy.

A parent could order this for just general learning-fun purposes in a kid’s playroom, or for homeschooling. A regular school-teacher would see a lot of various teaching potential with this toy, even on up into junior high level, where more intricate history stuff, like trade routes, is taught.

Truly, the potential for this toy is staggering, and takes the doldrums out of everyday “fact” learning, especially when you are teaching a lot of kids who learn visually and kinesthetically.

interactive Huge World map for kids

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Educational-insights Wonder-world map setWhy You Should Buy Educational Insights Wonder World Set:

So many learning possibilities abound with this particular learning toy that it’s hard to know where to begin. Geography and science are two definite places to start, as is history.

Kids can learn about when various landmarks were built, who designed and built them and how long each landmark has been around.

Animal classification and habitat are excellent conversation starters for biology, geology and even environmental science.

This world map is perfect for learning at home just for fun, or even homeschooling parents. Teachers can buy this toy for hands-on learning in their classrooms as well.

Plus, if you don’t intend to have this out all the time, there’s a handy case for storage and portability.

oceans and continents for-kids

Cons for Educational Insights Wonder World Set:

The only real “con” with this toy is according to one Amazon reviewer who said that the velcro came off the back of one or two of the animals, but that was after hours and hours of both supervised and unsupervised play.

Another reviewer said that she wished there was more stuff the kids could add themselves, but that sounds more like a personal preference than a real “minus.”

world map children

Wonder world set map

Pros for Educational Insights Wonder World Set:

• The map and accompanying pieces are soft and colorful as well as very sturdy, holding up to lots of wear and tear.
• Many teaching and learning possibilities with this toy.
• Includes an activity guide, four drawstring bags and a plastic case for easy storage and portability.

Geosafari Educational-insights Wonder-world set

Final Verdict for Wonder World Map:

Apart from the price and some personal preferences of one particular reviewer, you really couldn’t ask for a better educational toy.

The level of teaching and learning potential is extremely high, and the quality of the product itself as far as sturdiness is concerned is also quite high, considering this item is made for kids who might have a tendency to handle things a bit roughly.

Put music to the lessons in the earlier years, especially when learning about people, culture and places, and this is a true winner.

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