There is really nothing more important, in the scope of our parenting responsibilities, than finding ways to help our children to learn and develop life skills. While children are sponges and soak up learning from their environment constantly, there are other steps we can take to help them progress even further.

Giving them these opportunities creates a good foundation for their future schooling and helps them to start school ahead of the game. This creates confidence and fosters a positive attitude in them as learners.

Child learning parenting tips

4 Ways to Foster Learning in Your Child:

1. One great way you can help your child to actively learn new skills is to pin-point the skills you would like to work on. Lists of what things children of each age group should be learning are readily available online.

Get an idea of some things your child could be developing, and then decide when you will work on which skills. One great way to stay on track is to set reminders on your electronic calendar of what your goals are and where your child should be focusing each month.

2. Educational toys and games are also a great way to help your child learn, often without them even realizing it. This is great for reluctant learners.

Board games are great for learning to count, read, recognizing letters and shapes, and critical thinking.

Toys such as blocks, Playdoh, and Legos, are great for coordination skills.  Role play toys, such as dolls and doctor kits are great for expanding their knowledge and social skills as well.

3. If you fill a room with toddlers, it becomes quite obvious which kids have parents that talk to them. These children have stronger vocabularies, social skills, and are more confident when speaking to others.

Talking and playing with our children is a crucial part of the process of learning. Get down on their level and interact.

Give them your full attention, and let the lesson go wherever they choose.   Let them direct the play time, and offer suggestions and fun facts that enhance their interests.

For instance, a child who wants to pretend to visit a zoo will be eager to learn about the animals and what they eat.  Use play time as a teaching opportunity.

4. Reading out loud to children has been proven to be one of the most important factors affecting whether they will become strong readers themselves.

Reading is so crucial in life, especially in school. It is one of the single most important factors determining success in educational settings.

So read to them, often and early. Instill in them a love for reading and have lots of great books in their interest areas available to them at all times.
By taking these simple steps, you can encourage and support your children’s development.  Creating a positive learning environment is crucial to your child’s attitude about education.  What you are helping him or her learn now will increase their confidence level inside the classroom and in the future.

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