top educational toys for 1 year oldsYou can observe a lot of developments in between a one-day-old to a one-year-old child. Your baby undergoes many phases of growth during this period.

Three-month-old infants are quite stable and have acquired a conditioned vision so they can focus on the objects. You can make them follow the objects by moving them across their face. You can also put some colorful toys on their cradles to let them enjoy the motion and colors.

When children cross the age of six months, they become familiar with faces, sounds, and gestures. You can hide things and let them explore. Talk as much as you can as they want to interact with you.

In the ninth month of age, the babies become quite active and have learned about crawling on the floor.  Now they have developed skills of catching and throwing things. You can put them in a walker as they are quite eager to walk and want your appreciations. Help them take the baby steps and let them speak.

12-month-old children start imitating your gestures and speak a few words clearly. Their imitations of your actions like talking on phone or so are quite interesting. You can provide them with good educational toys and talk to them more often to help develop their language skills.

Top-Rated Educational Toys for 1 Year Olds

Best Toys for 3-Month-Old Babies

Top Rated Toys for 3-Month-Old Babies to help them develop early skills and learn new things the fun ways. 1# Ty Beanie Boos Kacey The Pink Koala Plush Cute, pink, sparkly, and fluffy, this is a great little TY koala for your little one who loves animals and soft fabrics. Perfect for nap time or play […]

Fisher-Price Song and Story Learning Chair

Age Range: 1 to 3 years old. What is Fisher-Price Song and Story Learning Chair? The Fisher-Price Song and Story Learning Chair is a plastic chair for toddlers that is completely interactive. There are three activities involving music and learning on the attached side table and there is also a five-page storybook about a day […]

Best Newborn Toys for Your Babies

26 Recommended Newborn Toys for Baby Development: 1. Melissa & Doug Flip Fish Toy From one of the most trusted names in children’s toys, Melissa & Doug comes this adorable plush fish. With many different colors and textures, a baby will be find hours of entertainment in this simple newborn toy. 2. World of Eric Carle, Apple Playset […]

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Best Learning Toys for 12 Month Olds

19 TOP-RATED TOYS FOR 12-MONTH-OLD BABIES THAT CAN MAKE YOUR LITTLE ONES HAPPY ALL DAY LONG. 1. LeapFrog AlphaPup Toy As your child between 1 and 2 years of age toddles around, they’ll become familiar with the alphabet and letter sounds. The dog has soft ears and a fun wagging tail. 2. Fisher-Price Growing Baby […]

Best Learning Toys for 11 Month Olds

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Incrediblock Toy for Babies

Age Range: 9 months to 2 years. What is Fisher-Price Incrediblock Toy? Fisher-Price is among the most recognizable toy brands, and with several decades of experience, their toys are known to be durable and engaging. The toy company primarily makes products that target toddlers, and with interesting features and colorful exteriors, they appeal a lot […]

Best Toys for 8 Month Old Babies

This is a selected top toys for 8 month old babies. Hope that your child will enjoy playing these hours after hours and develop some early good skills! You can find and buy these awesome learning baby toys from Amazon or other online toy sellers with no problems. >>FIND HERE FOR THE BEST TOYS FOR […]

HABA Building Blocks Sevilla

Age range: 1-3 years. What is HABA Building Blocks Sevilla? This is truly a unique building block set by the HABA company, who has other unique sets available for purchase. The Sevilla set is just as creatively unique with all kinds of shapes and little extra things that make sound and get kids exploring. Some […]

Little Tikes Activity Garden Baby Playset

Age Range: 6 months to 3 years. What is Little Tikes Activity Garden Playset? The Little Tikes Activity Garden is a little fort that your kids can spend their time in that features a variety of activities on all parts of the structure. The doors, windows, walls, and more all have things to do from […]

20 Best Educational Toys for Babies

Every parent wants to give their kids the best toys to play with but also want to ensure that they learn while they play. The best way to do that is to give them high quality learning toys. Here are some of the best educational toys you can gift to your kids on any occassions. […]

Leapfrog Counting Candles Birthday Cake

Age range: 1 year and up. What is Leapfrog Counting Candles Birthday Cake? Leapfrog has become synonymous with high-quality educational toys, especially for the school-age crowd as well as for toddlers, and now they have a toy for children as young as a year old. Leapfrog Counting Candles Birthday Cake is a toy that starts […]

Fisher-Price Shop & Learn Walker

Age Range: 9 months to 3 years. What is Laugh & Learn Shop and Learn Walker? This shopping cart is designed to help babies who are just learning to walk. The sturdy wheel base and easy to grip handle will help them keep upright as they navigate the floor space in your home. The toy is […]

LeapFrog Phonics Radio

Age Range: 18 months to 3 years. What is LeapFrog Phonics Radio Toy? This children’s radio plays thirty songs. It also uses pictures to teach letter and object recognition. The radio is easy for a child to carry, and has a volume control. When a button is pushed, it plays a song using the letters […]

Fisher Price Peek-A-Blocks: Shape Sorter

Age range: 1 – 2 years old children. What Is Fisher Price Peek-A-Blocks: Shape Sorter? This is the simplest toy that you can purchase for a child of less than 3 years old. It is basically an open box that contains shape openings on the sides. The toy has blocks like the Peek-a block, but […]

Vtech Storio 2 Tablet con Rufus Game

Age range: 1- 8 years. What is Storio 2 Tablet con Rufus? The Spanish Storio 2 Tablet is a children’s tablet that features a built-in digital camera for pictures and videos. It works with its game compatible software. The Storio 2 Tablet comes with 2GB of storage, but you can use a separate memory external […]

Brainy Baby Learning for Lifetime Collection Kit

Age Range: 9 months to 5 years. What is Learning for Lifetime Collection Kit? Brainy Baby Learning for Lifetime Collection Kit is a home learning system consisting of educational board books, DVDs, CDs, and flash cards that let little ones learn all their preschool skills at home. Who is Learning for Lifetime Collection Kit for? […]

Chicco Music ’N Play Table

Age range: 12 months and up. What is Chicco Music ’N Play Table? The Chicco Music ’n Play Table is a two in one toy that is great for kids. This toy is a dual functioning small table with a keyboard and music area on one sider, and a building block station that can be […]

Hape Eco Push and Walk Wagon

Age Range: 10 months and older. What is Hape Eco Push and Walk Wagon? Hape Eco Push and Walk Wagon is a colorful push toy with imaginative toy attachments. It’s not just for kids learning to walk because the little toys will also encourage kids to sit up in order to play with the moveable […]