top educational toys for 1 year oldsYou can observe a lot of developments in between a one-day-old to a one-year-old child. Your baby undergoes many phases of growth during this period.

Three-month-old infants are quite stable and have acquired a conditioned vision so they can focus on the objects. You can make them follow the objects by moving them across their face. You can also put some colorful toys on their cradles to let them enjoy the motion and colors.

When children cross the age of six months, they become familiar with faces, sounds, and gestures. You can hide things and let them explore. Talk as much as you can as they want to interact with you.

In the ninth month of age, the babies become quite active and have learned about crawling on the floor.  Now they have developed skills of catching and throwing things. You can put them in a walker as they are quite eager to walk and want your appreciations. Help them take the baby steps and let them speak.

12-month-old children start imitating your gestures and speak a few words clearly. Their imitations of your actions like talking on phone or so are quite interesting. You can provide them with good educational toys and talk to them more often to help develop their language skills.

Top-Rated Educational Toys for 1 Year Olds

Hape Country Critters Play Cube

Age Range: 12 months –  6 years. What is Hape Country Critters Play Cube? Toys for kids are a dime a dozen, but Hape Country Critters Play Cube looks to stand out from the crowd. And it isn’t any one major innovation that helps it to be head and shoulders above others, rather, it is […]

Cool Fridge Farm Magnetic Animals

Age Range: 12 months to 5 years. What is LeapFrog Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal set? It’s a bright red barn toy with magnetic pieces that allow kids to match different halves of animals to hear what sound the animal makes. There’s even a music mode for all the banjo playing you’ll ever need. It’s small […]

Leapfrog Learn-Along Leap (Sassy) Plush

Range of age: 6 months – 3 years old. What is Leapfrog Learn-Along Leap (Sassy) Plush toy? Leapfrog is famous for manufacturing excellent educational toys for children. Its target is to let babies and toddlers learn in their early age. It is important to introduce them about the alphabet as it is good for their brain. […]

Amazing Animals Sing and Go Choo-Choo

Review: learning toy Fisher-Price Amazing Animals Sing and Go Choo-Choo. Age Range: infants of 6 months to 3-year-old kids. What is Fisher-Price Amazing Animals Sing and Go Choo-Choo? Fisher-Price Amazing Animals Sing and Go Choo-Choo is a motorized train designed to capture the imagination of babies and toddlers alike. It’s made up of an engine […]

Little Tikes School Bus Activity Gym Toy

When looking for the perfect toy for your kid that is safe and educational you will want to consider the Little Tikes School Bus Activity Gym. As a parent, you become cautious with just about everything. Your mindset goes into a mode of protection, safety, education, and all around what is best for your child. […]

Cruise & Groove Ballapalooza

Talking of kids’ toys has never been this interesting with the introduction of the Cruise & Groove Ballapalooza. If you have had the opportunity of being in contact with several kids toys, then you know what I’m talking about. The nicely made child play equipment is made just with enough exciting features to keep your […]

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Alphabet Drum

Age Range: 6 months to 3 years. Leapfrog is well known as a supplier of creative and educational toys and their Learn & Groove Alphabet Drum introduces children to the English and Spanish alphabets. It’s sort of like the entry-level Leapfrog toy for learning how to read and write using their other products. It all […]

Topzy Tumblers Twirlin’ Tumblin’ Fun Park

Having an amusement park in the house? That is what most people could quip about when they heard about this wonderful piece of child amusement gadget. Because it is coming with a bag full of fun goodies and even more fun. This amusement gadget helps bring the child up to speed with the diverse skills in […]

Fun Learning Home

The Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Home is one of the best educational toys for your child to have indoor. The concept is the toy being shaped like a house that has small fun parts that each teach your child different simple ideas of what they will have to learn and remember for the […]

Learning to Build with 48 Jumbo Blocks

This educational toy is a high-quality plastic brick set bringing fun to kids age 12 months up to 10 years. The 48 Jumbo Blocks are designed to be the first building toy a child plays with. With bright colors and durable plastic, it’s safe and easy for small children to handle due to the large size of the […]

Grow and Discover Tree House

As a child, all your baby needs is to be let out to play and discover the world for themselves. The Vtech Grow and Discover Tree house Tent house will prove to be among the best companions your child ever had. This is a tree house and a toy tent all in one package. It allows children to play […]