best learning  toys for 11 year oldsOther than during infancy, it is the tween stages that a child will grow the most. At 11 years old, your child’s body begins to have many physical changes, as well as mental ones as well.

This is in preparation for the puberty stage. Physically, your child will begin having growth spurts that can help to gain around 3 inches within this year. With girls, this is also the time that many of them will begin to form a womanly shape, and even breasts can emerge at this time.

Mentally 11-year-old children tend to spend more time with friends. At this stage in their lives they are beginning to define who they want to be, and also begin to hang out with other kids with similar tastes.

This is also a stage where many kids will try to show their individualism with their clothing choices. This preteen stage also encourages moodiness as they are both hormonal, as well as trying to gain an identity.
Things parents need to remember when dealing with your 11-year-old kids:

Teasing about their body changes can be harmful
Talking about personal hygiene
Set limits to screen time, and time out with their friends
Rules are important, however, pick your battle

Video games intrigue kids of this age, can offer hand-eye coordination. At this age, their activities are usually designed to those specific to their individual desired.

It is at this age that kids either love to read or hate it. Every child’s reading level is different, however, encouraging your child to read is important. Expanding their vocabulary, as well as offering ways that one can deal with emotional troubles is the benefit of books.

Top-Rated Educational Toys for 11 Year Olds

Arrow of Light Cub Scout Kit

Age Range: 6 years and up. What is Arrow of Light Cub Scout Kit? This is a kit for making ceremonial arrows that are approximately 26 inches long. It includes all parts necessary for making up to 8 arrows, and even detailed charts correlating color and rank. There’s an instruction booklet with step by step […]

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot is one of the most sophisticated toy robots available in the market today. This little blue robot will be your kids’ best friend while at the same time teaching them to be creative and introduce them to the world of technology and programming. When we were kids, we used to see […]

KidKraft Cook Together Kitchen

Anyone who has kids must know that children, whether girls or boys, love to play in the kitchen or at least most of them do. Somehow they have so much fun when playing in the kitchen, especially if you ask them to help when baking cookies. Maybe they just love the mess, or maybe they really […]

Multiplication and Division Flash Cards: Cool Math Games

Cool Math Games for Kids: A Review of Simply Clever Cards. Age Range: 7 years and up. It’s not always easy to help a kid who’s struggling with early level math. They might think it’s boring or too hard to understand and the kicker is, parents might feel the same way because they never saw […]

Creativity-Boosting Rainbow Stacker

What is Grimm’s Extra Large 12-Piece Rainbow Stacker? The extra large 12-piece Rainbow Stacker by Grimm is one of the best wooden nesting puzzles out there. This learning toy is a masterpiece designed to improve the motor and visual skills of your child while challenging them making play time as enjoyable as it should be. Cut […]