educational toys 12-year old kidsTwelve-year-old children may seem all grown up and then hours later are back to their normal childish behavior. This is common for this stage and it is important to balance how you react to them, as well as the expectations that you have for them.

Since body parts mature at different times, they may cause them to become awkward. For girls, this is around the time that they will begin to menstruate. It is important to have all the appropriate talks with them regarding puberty and sexual activity. Boys may begin to notice their voice changing and hair growth. Things to remember about with your 12-year-old kids:

They many need help emotionally handling, measuring up to other’s within their classes
Increased sleep is okay and greatly needed – 9 to 10 hours of sleep is suggested.
Your son could grow up to 4 inches in height.
Sports and technological activities will be based on what your child prefers.
Communicate with your child, but allow them some space for privacy.

During this time, your child will try to become more self-sufficient. Supporting your child through the peer pressure and school stresses is very important.

Personal time is something that every teenager needs. Offering that space can be essential to the development of your child, however, don’t disappear on them. Ensure that your child knows you are there, keep one foot in the door so that you don’t get pushed out of their lives.

Questioning school and house rules is common
Identity forms through hobbies, friends, and school activities
Moodiness is common during this stage
Spending too much time on the phone is normal
Concerns over their body image can be stressful for your child
Self-esteem is easily busted at this time, encourage them so as to keep it built up

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