educational toys for 14 year olds 15 16- 17 teenagerssTeenagers are children in many ways and adults in others. This combination of child and adult is part of what makes parenting teens so challenging. But this precious time of their lives is also the perfect time to begin instilling important life lessons that will help them successfully navigate teenager-dom, their college years and adulthood.

There are countless apps, programs, tools and classes available to help your teens grow into responsible adults, but some life skills can only come from the guidance of parents and mentors:

Forgiveness: It takes a lot of energy to be angry and even more to hold a grudge. Teach your teens to acknowledge fear and anger, process it and leave it in the past.

Teach your teens it’s OK to be angry when they’ve been hurt by someone, but it’s not OK to stay in that place for anger for long. Forgiveness may be a long journey, but one that all humans need to take to live a peace-filled life.

Empathy: Encourage your teen to read, particularly literature with "good guys" and "bad guys." Or pick up what your teen is reading and find out what characters he or she relates to.

Now ask your teen to re-tell the story from the bad guy's point of view, or ask him to think about how the story would be different if it was told through the bad guy's eyes. Ask him or her to write a paragraph explaining this. It's a good learning exercise, and forces them to see the other's point of view.

Courtesy: While it can be very embarrassing and frustrating when your teen says something inappropriate, parents need to remember their young charges are still learning. Kids have to be taught when it's appropriate to say something and when to refrain.

Preach: When your teen says something tactless, wait until the heat of the moment passes and then speak to him or her about it. Be sure and “practice what you preach” as well. Take the time to evaluate your own speech and attitude. Do you treat your teen with tact and respect, or are you snappy and insensitive yourself?

Kids are like mirrors and sponges. They soak up the information around them and mirror the examples set for them as well.

Top-Rated Educational Toys for 14 Year Olds

Robosapien X Robot Kit by WowWee

Age Range: 8 years old children and above. What is Robosapien X robot kit by WowWee? Robosapien X robot kit by WowWee is an excellent learning toy showing kids the meaning of hard work and that great feeling of accomplishment.  The 14“ tall programmable robot can move fluidly, grip with speed, and maneuver like a […]

Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Wireless Spy Tank

What is Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Wireless Spy Tank? This cool tank is a mature toy black and green in color used for spying. The toy is a moving body in the shape of a tank with a high-resolution camera which captures photos and record videos. It is operated by an Android app which has all […]

Pioneer Globe

Age range for Replogle Pioneer Globe 12-inch tabletop: for 3 years and up. What is Pioneer Globe? It’s a map of the world in 3-D globe form that is 12 inches in diameter and 17 inches in height set on a metal base coated in the color of gold. The map itself is decorated in […]

Parallax ActivityBot Robot Kit

What is Parallax ActivityBot Robot? This cool robotic building kit is a set of a few equipment needed to make a robot. It is a helping tool or a physical tool for demonstration to help in the making and programming of robots. It comes with all its little parts disconnected, which needs to be joined to […]

AmScope M158C-E Compound Monocular Microscope

AmScope M158C-E Compound Monocular Microscope is the leading quality product in the microscope market produced by the well-known manufacturer and supplier of microscopes and accessories. The M158C-E Compound Monocular Microscope is an instrument that gives the users the ability to enlarge small and extremely small objects to have a better view and observation of the […]

LEGO Education Large Building Plates

For children of all ages. What is LEGO Education Large Building Plates? These are meant for children who are into building things and using their imagination to produce a unique building or other structure. The building plates give the child a great base for them to use their other LEGO products to build a structure […]

Lyric Identiflyer

Age Range: 6 Years and Up. What is Lyric Identiflyer? Learn individual bird songs with this song player and accompanying song cards (included here: 2 cards with 10 birds each on both sides). The song player has adjustable volume and a port for earplugs. Featured birds include 20 yardbirds, 10 western yardbirds, and 10 eastern […]

ROBOTIS Bioloid Premium Kit

Age range: 15 – 22. What is ROBOTIS Bioloid Premium kit? Manufactured by the Korean robot maker ROBOTIS, this is a set of objects needed to build a humanoid robot. It is comprised of many small pieces or components that are joined and later programmed according to the needs. The resulting robots can be of […]

Mova Globe Revolving Blue Ocean Relief Map

The attractive world globe is set into motion by the internal solar cells. Taking in light from both artificial and natural sources, the rotating globe mesmerizes with its peaceful spinning motion. This eco-friendly globe operates without help from batteries or electrical cords. The 4.5 inch diameter of the MOVA Rotating Relief Blue-Ocean Gloss Globe stands […]

Zometool Creator 3 Construction Kit

Age Range: 6 – 14 years. What is Zometool Creator 3? This is a creator building set that is designed to stimulate the imagination of almost any child. It is similar to toys like K-Nex. This set includes 738 different parts, so there’s plenty of room for experimentation and imagination. The tool encourages exploration and […]

littleBits Electronics cloudBit Starter Kit

Age Range: Anyone. What is littleBits Electronics cloudBit Starter Kit? This is basically an innovative product that could change your life. With this device, you can make any item in your home a smart device. Imagine being able to operate the lighting in your home, or feed a pet, directly from your phone? It’s possible […]

Estes Alpha III Rocket Kit

Age Range: Age 12 and up. Can be used by 10 and up, with adult supervision. What is Estes Alpha III Rocket Kit? This beginner level rocket kit is a great way to introduce children to rockets and model vehicle building. It is a reusable kit that is easy to assemble with glue. The kit […]

Plastic Human Skeleton Model ‘Stan’

Age range: this toy is for 3 years and up. What is 3B Scientific A10 Plastic Human Skeleton Model “Stan”? This plastic skeleton is a life-size model of the human body that can be used for anatomical study in a variety of disciplines. It includes a three-party skull and removable limbs for convenience. The plastic […]

LEGO Education Space and Airport Set

Age range: 4 years and up. What is LEGO Education Space and Airport Set? LEGO is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to children’s educational toys, and are so iconic that even adults love to unleash their creativity with these plastic blocks. Boiled down to the basics, all products released by Lego […]

Hexbug Nano Racetrack Habitat

Recommended age: 5 – 15 years. What is Hexbug Nano Racetrack Habitat set? The Hexbug line of products consists of small motor-powered toys that look like insects (hence the name Hexbug). In this line, there are a wide variety of products in many different shapes and sizes, and some of the high end ones have […]

Replogle Illuminated Carlyle Globe

Age range: 4-year-old children and up. What is Replogle Globes Illuminated Carlyle Globe? The illuminated globe has a lot to offer for the young minds today. It has the features that will surely make the learning of children easy and fun: a raised-relief, illumination, 12-inch diameter antique design that makes the globe beautiful and attractive. The […]

Collect and Build Robo Battlers Series Stomper

Age Range: 7 years and above. What is K’NEX Collect and Build Robo Battlers Series Stomper? These advanced toy parts are used to build battlers’ series stomper. The toy comes with 118 K’Nex parts that include primary micro rods and connectors that are used to build motorized robot. These parts give children experience for creating […]

Stirling Engine Toy

Age Range: 6 years and up. What is The Stirling Engine? The best toys are educational and the Stirling Engine is a perfect example of that. It’s not a kit but a fun decorative toy that illustrates engineering concepts such as energy sources and how gears work. It runs off heat external sources like a […]

GeoSafari Talking Microscope Adventure

Age Range: 5 years and above. What Is Talking Microscope Adventure? As the name suggests, this is a talking microscope toy for kids. This toy helps kids and young naturalists to enjoy timeless sessions of environmental exploration. CHECK THE LATEST OFFER FOR THE TALKING MICROSCOPE. GeoSafari Talking Microscope Adventure offers kids vast scientific knowledge in […]

Qubits Rainbow Kit: Interlocking Building Toy

Age Range: 4-16 years. What is Qubits Rainbow Kit? Qubits Rainbow Kit is an interlocking building toy that is cooler than your average block. In fact, the 72-piece toy doesn’t really resemble blocks at all! The triangle shaped pieces lock together to build everything from big circles to 5-foot towers and everything in between. CHECK […]

Arrow of Light Cub Scout Kit

Age Range: 6 years and up. What is Arrow of Light Cub Scout Kit? This is a kit for making ceremonial arrows that are approximately 26 inches long. It includes all parts necessary for making up to 8 arrows, and even detailed charts correlating color and rank. There’s an instruction booklet with step by step […]