educational toys for 14 year olds 15 16- 17 teenagerssTeenagers are children in many ways and adults in others. This combination of child and adult is part of what makes parenting teens so challenging. But this precious time of their lives is also the perfect time to begin instilling important life lessons that will help them successfully navigate teenager-dom, their college years and adulthood.

There are countless apps, programs, tools and classes available to help your teens grow into responsible adults, but some life skills can only come from the guidance of parents and mentors:

Forgiveness: It takes a lot of energy to be angry and even more to hold a grudge. Teach your teens to acknowledge fear and anger, process it and leave it in the past.

Teach your teens it’s OK to be angry when they’ve been hurt by someone, but it’s not OK to stay in that place for anger for long. Forgiveness may be a long journey, but one that all humans need to take to live a peace-filled life.

Empathy: Encourage your teen to read, particularly literature with "good guys" and "bad guys." Or pick up what your teen is reading and find out what characters he or she relates to.

Now ask your teen to re-tell the story from the bad guy's point of view, or ask him to think about how the story would be different if it was told through the bad guy's eyes. Ask him or her to write a paragraph explaining this. It's a good learning exercise, and forces them to see the other's point of view.

Courtesy: While it can be very embarrassing and frustrating when your teen says something inappropriate, parents need to remember their young charges are still learning. Kids have to be taught when it's appropriate to say something and when to refrain.

Preach: When your teen says something tactless, wait until the heat of the moment passes and then speak to him or her about it. Be sure and “practice what you preach” as well. Take the time to evaluate your own speech and attitude. Do you treat your teen with tact and respect, or are you snappy and insensitive yourself?

Kids are like mirrors and sponges. They soak up the information around them and mirror the examples set for them as well.

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