Estes Alpha III Rocket Kit

Age Range: Age 12 and up. Can be used by 10 and up, with adult supervision.

What is Estes Alpha III Rocket Kit?

This beginner level rocket kit is a great way to introduce children to rockets and model vehicle building. It is a reusable kit that is easy to assemble with glue. The kit includes the rocket body, tail fin and nose cone.

The plastic parts are orange. The kit comes with self adhesive decals, so no painting is required.  It does not include launching equipment.


A launch system, recovery wadding, starters and the desired engine must be purchased separately.  This kit comes with enough parts to build 12 rockets.

Estes Alpha 3 rocket launch kit review

Who is Estes Alpha III Rocket Kit for?

Any child between the ages of 10 – 12 should enjoy this toy. Children under 12 should be supervised by an adult. Teenagers might also enjoy assembling and launching this toy.

Why should you buy Estes Alpha III Rocket Kit?

Since this pack comes with enough parts for multiple children to participate, it’s a great option for clubs and school classes.

Each child can try their hand at making a rocket, then you can have a rocket competition to see who is the best.

This toy is durable, and easy enough to assemble that most children will be able to do it. The pack is priced affordably, so most families or groups should be able to enjoy it.

The actually assembling can be done in as little as five minutes. You can take longer if you allow each child to decorate their rocket in detail.

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Cons for Estes Alpha III Rocket Kit:

1.    They may fly too high and disappear. At first, stick to a small engine for your launch.
2.    More detailed children might be bored since the rocket is so easy to assemble.
3.    The tail fin is pre-assembled, so there is less challenge than building from scratch.

Pros for Estes Alpha III Rocket Kit:

1.    The bulk pack offers great value for money
2.    The rockets are usually durable enough to survive more than one launch
3.    They are well designed and can gain an amazing height when launched.

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for an interesting class or club project, or just want something new to do with your own kids, this rocket bulk pack is well worth the money.

The rockets perform well, and are easy enough to be built by most 10-12 year olds. The only tool required to assemble them is glue.



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