EverEarth Garden Activity Cube review

Getting a play toy for children who are aged above 3 years can be quite challenging for most parents because of the agile nature of this age group. However, with the EverEarth Garden Activity Cube learning toy, parents have nothing to worry about.

The strongly built play tool will only be seen as useful to the parents who have been able to study its unique features.


EverEarth Garden Activity Cube toy review

The features of EverEarth Garden Activity Cube:

Heavy plastic-coated wire build– this is used in the several outer areas of the toy. It is this that ensures its durability given its target group being the most playful and adventurous. These also help suspend the several play features of this toy which dangle and give audio effects to the child.

Rubber wood – the wood material which allows for the toy to last longer and be free from breakages. It also increases the aesthetic value given the decorations done on it.

Abacus– the abacus is useful in helping the child develop their mathematical faculty during play. This sets the tool apart as a play and learning toy.

A puzzle– this is made into different t shapes which the child is expected to unravel during play.

Twist and turn shapes– which are meant to enable the child to have a deep thinking in terms of putting in the correct place

Watercolor coating– the colors used gives the child an interestingly pleasing visual effect that is loved by young children.

Tracking peg maze and bead maze top– which is meant to help the child learn how to effectively write diverse shapes.

Spinning gear– which is meant to help the child navigate certain features of the EverEarth Garden Activity Cube.

Educational Toys for kids EverEarth Garden Activity Cube

Who is EverEarth Garden Activity Cube for?

This is a toy for kids of 3 years onwards. The group is meant to exercise their faculties as they play through this toy.

With its features more pronounced for the highly adventurous group, the age bracket using this toy may even extend to children of 10 especially where the use of the abacus is concerned

Why buying EverEarth Garden Activity Cube is important?

To any parent, minimizing the amount of money spent while gaining more is their dream. This toy brings to the child a complete package of play while giving the child an option of exercising the different faculties available in the child development niche.

In addition to its unique and challenging features, the child will also enjoy a complete package of having a virtual classroom set up in the form of the abacus and the writing pad in the form of the maze.

Learning Toys for kids EverEarth Garden Activity Cube review

Cons for EverEarth Garden Activity Cube”

In spite of several benefits, it is bound to have the following weaknesses:

  • Heavy- the rubber wood material makes the toy relatively heavy. The child, therefore, cannot easily carry the toy to the next area of play.
  • It may be fragile- certain parts of the toy may come out easily during play and, as a result, get the child to stop playing when that happens.

Looking at the EverEarth Garden Activity Guide, you will agree that the name depicts a true picture of the child toy. Just like the earth has several aspects, the toy has even more than enough to re-engage the child’s imagination.

Parents have the discretion to decide what is appropriate for their children; however, the EverEarth Garden Activity Cube suits your child perfectly in all aspects.

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Pros for EverEarth Garden Activity Cube:

  • Exciting to the child– the EverEarth Garden Activity Guide is meant to give an exciting play environment for the child.
  • It is all encompassing– this toy is meant to cover almost all the areas of the child’s environment. The holistic development of the baby is thus ensured physical, mental, spiritual with some challenging aspects of life all covered in one toy.
  • Cost effectiveness– the purchase of this tool is bound to be the best decision apparent can make because it will bring a double benefit as an educational toy and a normal child play implements.
  • Easy to use– one of the easiest things a child can find playing with is this toy. Because most of the features include the daily things the children encounter, its use is quite convenient for the Child’s level.

EverEarth Garden Activity Cube toy.

Toys for kids EverEarth Garden Activity Cube review



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