E-L-M-O: Should You Get It for Your Child?

fisher-price-elmoFisher-Price is a consistent producer of toys for children, and their toy E-L-M-O is no different! However, what should you know about this toy before buying this for your child?


Fisher-Price E-L-M-O learning toy

The E-L-M-O is a shiny, red plush depiction of the cartoon character Elmo from Sesame street. When your child squeezes E-L-M-O’s hand, the toy will play the E-L-M-O to the tune of the popular song “YMCA”.

The toy also forms the letters of his name with his hands, so he encourages your child to sing and spell out the letters of his name with him. This E-L-M-O toy runs on 4 AA batteries.

This toy only has one feature, so it would be best suited for younger children under the age of five years old. This is so because the toy is repetitive, and the older your child is, the less interested they would be in this toy.

E-L-M-O helps children to develop their letter recognition skills and also teaches them to spell.


Why should you buy E-L-M-O for your child?

Fisher-Price’s E-L-M-O would be good for a child who is approaching the age of two or three. If you child enjoys watching Sesame Street and loves Elmo, this toy will be perfect for him or her! E-L-M-O will help your child learn to spell, recognize letters as well as learn pronunciation. Overall, it’s fun for your

E-L-M-O will help your child learn to spell, recognize letters as well as learn pronunciation. Overall, it’s fun for your child and introduces them to a constructive way to learn to spell. It’ll also help your child to link learning to fun at an early age, so the older they get, the more they’re interested in doing so.

However, each toy has its advantages and disadvantages, the following are the pros and cons of Fisher-Price E-L-M-O learning toy:

fisher-price-elmo-toyCons for Fisher-Price E-L-M-O toy:

• It doesn’t do much other than teach your child to spell the word “Elmo” and entertain them with catch music, therefore your child might get bored easily depending on their mental capacity.
• It runs on batteries, which need to be replaced after a time.

Pros for Fisher-Price E-L-M-O toy:

• This toy will help your child learn how to spell Elmo, and it will make learning fun for him or her.
• There’s no doubt about the fact that this toy is innovative and fun, which makes it a pleaser for children.
• Younger children will be mesmerized by this toy, and you’ll earn great scores as a parent.
• It’s well-made, and there’s no hazard or potential for harm of your child.

All in all, the Fisher-Price E-L-M-O toy is a good buy for your child if you’re willing to spend a little extra money.



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