Fisher-Price Song and Story Learning Chair

Age Range: 1 to 3 years old.

What is Fisher-Price Song and Story Learning Chair?

The Fisher-Price Song and Story Learning Chair is a plastic chair for toddlers that is completely interactive. There are three activities involving music and learning on the attached side table and there is also a five-page storybook about a day in the life of a puppy.

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On the side table, there is a little lamp and plastic crayons to complete the play set. The seat itself plays music and sounds to feed the imagination of any child.
 Fisher-Price Song and Story Learning Chair

Who is Fisher-Price Song and Story Learning Chair for?

It is a great toy for 1-year-old and up who have mastered the ability to pull themselves up and sit in the chair. It’s a simple toy to operate which makes it perfect for toddlers, but it still retains an element of imaginative play with the sounds and music the chair can play. Let the kids feel like they’ve got their own special big kid chair to sit and watch television.

Why should you buy Fisher-Price Song and Story Learning Chair?

This toy is both great to play with and use as a functional chair. It’s easy to assemble and kids can play with it immediately.

It’s simple to use and play with too so there won’t be any tears about figuring out how to use it. Buy it because kids love music and fun sounds at this age.

However, it is also a fun place for kids to sit as they watch their favorite shows on the television. The toy is pretty and isn’t complicated to set up compared to many other learning toys.

Song and Story Learning Chair

Cons for Fisher-Price Song and Story Learning Chair:

  1. Stability of the chair might be an issue, particularly for young children in the suggested age range. It has a possibility of tipping over while the child is playing with it or leaning over to the table to play with something there.
  2. It’s made of light plastic which means children can carry the chair where you can’t see them use it. That might be dangerous.
  3. It’s made entirely of hard plastic, which means if the child is unsteady on their feet around the chair, they could fall on it and injure themselves.

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 Pros for Fisher-Price Song and Story Learning Chair:

  1. It’s easy for young children to immediately engage with the toy and start playing with it whether the child is one-year-old or three years old. They all love the fun music and sounds.
  2. Kids can either interact with the toy or use it as a place to sit and watch TV or pretend to read books (including the little book about the dog that is included).
  3. The toy is colorful and makes noises. That’s pretty much bound to delight kids in the 1 to 3 years of age demographic.
  4. It comes with different elements to play with so that kids won’t be very bored by it. They can continue stimulating their imagination for quite awhile.
  5. It’s light enough for some kids to carry it wherever they want to place it. Fisher-Price Song and Story Learning Chair toy review

Final Verdict:

Overall, the Fisher-Price Song and Story Learning Chair is a delightful and colorful way for kids to engage with a toy. The music and sounds will stimulate their imagination as they grow.

The toy for toddlers does have some stability issues so kids should be monitored when they play with it to avoid it flipping over if the child attempts to climb it.

Overall, the toy can be recommended because it is so easy for even a one-year-old baby to start playing with and using, whether they press the buttons or just use it to sit on while they watch television.




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    Than you so much for your lovely suggestion.

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