Creativity-Boosting Rainbow Stacker

Grimm's wooden rainbow stacker

What is Grimm’s Extra Large 12-Piece Rainbow Stacker?

The extra large 12-piece Rainbow Stacker by Grimm is one of the best wooden nesting puzzles out there. This learning toy is a masterpiece designed to improve the motor and visual skills of your child while challenging them making play time as enjoyable as it should be.

Cut from the finest wood by the German makers, the rainbow creative building block measures 14inches in length, 7inches in height and 2.9inches in breadth to ensure that any child can handle it firmly and safely.

The Rainbow Stacker really does emphasize on color. Well, that is the whole point of playing with a rainbow, isn’t it? The colors are not only vivid so your child can learn them without confusion but are also made using safe paint.


As is required by EN-71, all the colors used are water-based and hence harmless to your child or anyone else handling the toy. You can actually leave your child unsupervised with this toy and be assured of their safety.

Grimm’s extra large wooden puzzle Rainbow Stacker is not just a nesting game but a creative building blocks puzzle too. The child is tasked with nesting the rainbow to improve motor skills and stacking it to work on problem-solving skills.

Getting this for your child will help them achieve wholesome development into a self-sufficient person.

Grimm rainbow stacker Creative Building Blocks

Who is this extra large 12-piece educational toy for?

Whether you are looking for the perfect toy for a toddler or a much older child, this will suit them. Even for an adult, this would be an ideal way to pass the time!

Toddlers will enjoy sorting, stacking and nesting the pieces together to make it into the perfect rainbow. Well, all babies beckon upon seeing a rainbow allowing them to create their own will make them more than happy.

As soon as a child can make coordinated movements (above 18 months), he or she will enjoy this tasking yet fun game.

When they grow older, you will not have to throw the toy away. It can be easily incorporated into aspects of play that older children would like to take to.

From acting as a tunnel to providing a cradle for dolls or bridge for car toys and even acting as a house for dwarfs or dolls, this will not lack a part to play in your child’s world of creativity.

Just let your child teach you how best he or she wants to use it and you will be surprised how creative the little one is. As for adult use, this Grimm’s extra large 12-piece rainbow will make a great decoration on a bookshelf, coffee table or any other part of the home.

Grimm wooden rainbow stacker Nesting Puzzle

Why this is a great purchase

When it comes to purchasing a toy, the safety and any gains that your child will obtain from the toy matter most. Well, Grimm has worked on both and this rainbow stacking toy offers just these.

The safety is ensured by the use of materials that are safe for the child. The wood used does not chip easily and it is blunt so you will not have to deal with any cuts with the use of this toy.

It is also strong enough to last a long time. The paints used are tested and their safety for child play ensured.

What does your child stand to gain from the use of this toy? The colors of the rainbow are the basic colors that need to be understood by any person at their tender years of life.

With this toy, you can teach your child what each of these colors is. They will learn much quicker than just showing them the colors in a book.

Eye-hand co-ordination and other motor skills will also be learned by children using this toy during play time. This will be achieved as the children nest the pieces of the rainbow which will also aid them to learn how to apply critical thinking and creativity to solve problems.

The brilliant colors also serve to stimulate the brains of the young ones during play time.

Wooden Grimm rainbow stacker Creative Building Blocks

Pros and cons

There are many pros associated with this toy including:

  • Safe for use by children of all ages
  • Helps children gain motor and creativity skills
  • Durable
  • Integrability with other forms of play
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Educational

There are few if any cons associated with this toy. The one that some parents seem to consider a con is the fact that the toy only nests in one direction. This, however, is not a con as such. Grimm’s Rainbow Stacker is a unique toy offering your child to be more critical in their thinking.

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