Grow and Discover Tree House

Grow and Discover Tree House toy

As a child, all your baby needs is to be let out to play and discover the world for themselves. The Vtech Grow and Discover Tree house Tent house will prove to be among the best companions your child ever had.

This is a tree house and a toy tent all in one package. It allows children to play inside and outside of it. Whether a child has just learned how to crawl or can walk very fast, this tree house will fit it in with the quest for adventure and fun.

Whether he or she has just learned how to crawl or can walk very fast, this tree house will fit it in with their quest for adventure and fun.

Vtech grow and discover treehouse toy

This play house offers an assortment of fun games that your child will love. As a parent, you should specifically pick this for your child because it will help to not only advance their intellect but their motor skill as well.

There are holes through which balls can be slid to teach your child how to follow movement. The shape sorter will teach the bigger kids the different shapes.

As for the fabric, it can be used to play most babies’ favorite game peek-a-boo. Hide and seek is also another option you can play with your child using this awesome learning toy.


There is enough space in the toy tent/tree house by VTech to allow the children to move around as they wish. They can sit, crawl or even stand in the toy for maximum manipulation, so they do not miss out on any fun activity it has to offer.

The electronic panel controls the toy giving an atmosphere of learning and fun combined into one. The special recognition technology applied in its development will help teach the children colors and shapes using balls as well as animal names.

Flashing lights and over 40 melodies will draw the child’s attention while stimulating their senses.

Grow and discover tree house toy review

Who is The Vtech Grow and Discover Tree House for?

The manufacturers recommend this toy for children aged between 6 months and 3 years of age. This is with much reason. As soon as your child reaches 6 months, it is time for them to learn how to hear, see and touch.

This toy introduces them to sound through the melodies, colors that stimulate the development of the eyes and a fun place to move around to improve motor skills.

As the child grows the animal lessons become more useful as well as color lessons. Your child can learn the basics of life using this tree house before they can start their schooling.

The good news is that there are absolutely no special skills needed to use the toy. Any child can easily learn how to use and manipulate it for maximum fun and enjoyment.

What this toy promises to your toddler is not just fun, but mental and motor development as well as a stage when the little one needs it the most.

Vtech grow and discover tree house toy

A ‘must-buy’ toy for your child

Vtech’s Grow and Discover Tree House Toy tent is a one of a kind innovation. It will be fun for your child and helpful to you in parenting.

The glowing lights will definitely please any child and so will the option of many to-do things. Well, a toy that does just one thing will most probably bore a child within the recommended age limit. The diversity will keep your baby busy all day without a single moment to complain.

Your child’s curiosity is well-catered for with the sound effects, colors, and lights. Simply let them press on whatever button they want and watch their little faces light up with enthusiasm.

The safety is guaranteed with an automatic shutdown option. The volume controls will let you as the parent control and maintain the volume at what is harmless to the young eardrums.

A child’s motor skills are well taken care of too with enough space to move around and play engaging games.

Vtech kids tree houses

Pros and cons:

Some of the pros many parents who have had this tree house tent toy associate with it include:

  • Fun for the little one
  • Educative to the child
  • Encourages bonding with games that involve the parents
  • Easy and cheap to maintain as it only requires two AA batteries in order to operate
  • Made from durable material

As for the bad of this toy, not many complaints have been put forward. Parents only wish there was a bigger size for children older than three years of age.

While some view the fact that supervision is needed to use the toy as a con, others consider it a golden opportunity to bond with their babies more during playtime.

Vtech Grow and Discover Tree House Video Clip

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