Guidecraft Peekaboo Lock Boxes

Guidecraft peekaboo lock boxes woodenRecommended age: 24 months – 10 years.

What are Guidecraft Peekaboo Lock Boxes?

The Guidecraft Peekaboo Lock Boxes are a set of 6 boxes on a piece of wood with cut out shapes and small doors to open up. Unlock each box to see what is behind each door!

There are many components such as sorting shapes, learning colors, opening and closing doors, how to clean up and store away your toys with a convenience tray.

The learning toy is made of wood and metal hardware for the door hinges and windows. The windows are acrylic colored.


Children can unlock each box on its own and learn what’s behind each door which is the exciting part of playing with the Guidecraft Peekaboo Lock Box set.

Each time you can switch it up inside, but only one shape will fit through the cutout on the boxes, in which the child will have to learn and explore to figure it out.

They will be able to learn how to sort the shapes into the appropriate boxes, view them through the through the transparent windows, and learn to retrieve them through the colored acrylic doors.

Overall the toy is a fun 12 piece building block set in which any child will have fun creating a world in their imagination with.

The box comes with a tray to learn color coding for each box and cleaning skills. Each child will have a different, but fun experience while playing with their Guidecraft Peekaboo Lock Box set.

Guidecraft peekaboo lock boxes

Who is Guidecraft Peekaboo Lock Boxes for?

The suggested age for the Guidecraft Peekaboo Lock Box Set is for children aged two and up. The toy is great for young children learning to build new motor and learning skills.

This will keep them entertained while they are figuring out what different shapes look like and how they fit into each box.

The boxes are very colorful and entertaining which will keep the child drawn into playing with them. The toy is fun for a mother and child to use as a bonding mechanism.

There are different pieces of the toy that can be used alone or together to create different mini games in the process of playing with it.

The pieces are also large enough that a child will not be able to swallow them while playing with them, as some infants and toddlers tend to put things in their mouths.

Guidecraft Peekaboo Lock Boxes toy set

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Why should you buy Guidecraft Peekaboo Lock Boxes?

The wooden lock boxes are used to refine and build motor skills. The set includes twelve pieces and a storage tray to keep the boxes on top of.

The six unique locks have color coordinated boxes which match to their piece you will find inside of the kit. The chunky cut out geometric shapes teach children what shapes look like and where they fit into the boxes.

There are also transparent color windows to get a sneak peek of what is going to be inside the box when you open it. The educational points on the toy are strengthen problem solving skills, fine-motor skills, and develops finger dexterity all while having fun and the children will never have guessed! Learning can be made fun with the right toys in hand.

Guidecraft peekaboo lock boxes reviews

Cons for Guidecraft Peekaboo Lock Boxes:

•    Not suitable for children under two years of age
•    Some of the pieces are small and you will need to monitor your child while playing

Pros for Guidecraft Peekaboo Lock Boxes:

•    Fun toy for children ages two and up
•    Very colorful and entertaining
•    Comes with a storage tray
•    All wood or metal pieces, no plastic
•    Strengthens children’s learning and motor function skills

Wooden Guidecraft Peekaboo Lock Boxes toy set



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