HABA Building Blocks Sevilla

Haba building blocks sevilla toy Age range: 1-3 years.

What is HABA Building Blocks Sevilla?

This is truly a unique building block set by the HABA company, who has other unique sets available for purchase.

The Sevilla set is just as creatively unique with all kinds of shapes and little extra things that make sound and get kids exploring. Some of those little exploratory items include a bell, a prism, magnifying glass and a rattle.


The blocks in the set are made of solid beech wood and painted with a non-toxic solvent-free dye, so if your little one puts these blocks in their mouth, there’s no real danger of poisoning.

Haba building blocks sevilla review toy for toddlers 2 year old

Who is HABA Building Blocks Sevilla For?

The manufacturer says this learning toy is for ages 1-3 years, but the minimum age recommendation should probably be raised to about 2 years of age, just because 1-year-olds still will have a tendency to put things in their mouth, and there are small moving parts that could prove a choking hazard, even if play is supervised.

Additionally, the toys could easily be enjoyed by children older than three, as indicated by the pictures on the Amazon site, which show children that look like they’re about four or five years old.

The youngest child shown looks to be about 2, which is about where the minimum age should be, instead of one year.

Ultimately, this toy is for younger children who are learning stacking skills as well as colors and shape recognition.

The extra bits and bobs, such as the prism and the magnifying glass will be fascinations for the older kids, and the rattle and bell will appeal to the entire recommended age range.

Toddlers-toys Haba building blocks sevilla

Why You Should Buy Building Blocks Sevilla

The colors and shapes are unique and they’re vividly painted, plus the toy will stand up to years of rough play because the blocks are made of solid beech wood.

The paint is non-toxic, so that should ease any fears of potential poisoning. Parents who enjoy architecture, art and building -especially since the building set has the namesake of a Spanish town- will love getting down on the floor and playing right along with their kids.

This activity will help add to the parent-child bonding experience.

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Check Haba building blocks sevilla review toy for toddlers

Cons for HABA Building Blocks Sevilla:

• Manufacturer age says 1-3 years, but there are enough small parts that present a choking hazard, so the minimum age really should start at 2 years, not 1.

Pros for HABA Building Blocks Sevilla:

• The blocks are made of solid wood and painted with non-toxic dyes.
• Lots of interesting shapes and fun colors lend to creative play and imagination as well as shape and color recognition.
• Interesting add-on bits and bobs like rattles, a bell and a prism add to the learn-and-play experience
• A great opportunity for architecturally-minded parents to play with their kids.

Final Verdict:

Overall, this is truly a fantastic set of building blocks that goes beyond the typical geometric-shape sets you’d ordinarily find.

The blocks are carved and painted to look like sections of an actual town, hence the name “Sevilla,” which would explain the little bell in the top of one of the curved pieces.

Haba building blocks sevilla toy-review

This isn’t just about plain, ordinary shape recognition in this sense. Especially since there are various parts that would teach kids about how each piece can fit together, and about how a town might be structured, among other ideas for creative play.

The only caveat here is that some of the parts are small, which makes the manufacturer’s recommended start age seem a bit off the mark. Other than that, the HABA Sevilla is truly one of the most unique building block sets to hit the educational toy market.



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