Hape Eco Push and Walk Wagon

Age Range: 10 months and older.

What is Hape Eco Push and Walk Wagon?

Hape Eco Push and Walk Wagon is a colorful push toy with imaginative toy attachments.

It’s not just for kids learning to walk because the little toys will also encourage kids to sit up in order to play with the moveable wood pieces at the base.

Kids will love the bright colors of the main body and parents will love that it helps their babies along in their development.


Made using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood and non-toxic paints and packaged in recycled materials, it’s safe for your babies to use.

A lot of parents these days feel it’s important to make sure the materials a child regularly encounters are made of safe materials because almost every toy gets chewed on during their earliest years.

The time when a baby begins to learn how to walk is when the most toys spend at least some of their time being gnawed on after all.

Hape eco push and walk wagon review

Who is Hape Eco Push and Walk Wagon for?

Babies who have begun to pull themselves up from the floor who need a little encouragement to begin the actual act of walking. The Hape Eco Push and Talk Wagon will allow them to begin the process of taking their first steps.

After they’ve learned to talk, they’ll still have fun engaging in imaginative play by pushing it up and down the room.

Even if children aren’t beginning to pull themselves up and begin cruising, it can still be a really fun toy.

Playing with it before that point just means floor play and that can only encourage the baby to begin to use it for walking. There’s even a possibility for tummy time!

Why should you buy this toy?

The best way for babies to learn to walk is to use a push toy like the Hape Eco Push and Walk Wagon. The kids can even use the toy well into toddler-hood as they pretend to mow the lawn so it’s great for imaginative boys and girls alike.

It’s colorful which is engaging for kids and can be used in floor play to encourage babies to sit up and play.

That’s the very first step you need before they can even begin to think of pulling themselves up and learning to walk.

Cons for Hape Eco Push and Walk Wagon:

1.    Might be a little less than fully sturdy without a little added weight. There should be a way to adjust how easy it is to push along the floor to prevent kids from propelling forward just a little too fast and falling.
2.    Kind of a simple design in comparison to other similar toys. Kids might get bored easily.

Pros for Hape Eco Push and Walk Wagon:

1.    Eco-friendly and safe for baby. There’s no need to worry about the risk of BPA laden plastics harming your children.
2.    Bright colors and it allows for play even when the child is sitting down or are on their tummy.
3.    Kids can learn the skills needed to hold their own weight and begin learning how to walk.

Hape eco push and walk activity wagon for babies

Final Verdict:

Recommended if you want an eco-friendly alternative to a popular toy that encourages early development.

It is a pretty simple toy though, and  it has some potential for further play, it is fairly limited. Thus, it is not the most cost-effective toy choice in comparison to other push toys.

Putting books on the top of the red base of the Hape walker can prevent the problem with how quickly it can be pushed along.

Overall though, the eco-friendly nature triumphs above its limitations because safety should always be the first consideration of any parents with an infant.

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