Hot Halloween Toys for Kids

Halloween is made quite festive with seasonal themes, crafts, costumes, accessories, and everything else spook-tacular for children of all ages. Ask any young one what his or her favorite part is, and you are bound to get trick-or-treating as the greatest of all.

Well, waiting for the jack-o-lanterns to light up and the witching hour or the howling at night is really not necessary to have a blast of fun and excitement. Discover these eye-candy Halloween toys for kids, tons of tricks, and cool games to play which are sure to be a great treat to your kids and the entire family!

Selected Halloween Toys for Kids

1. GundMonsteroos Beeper The Green Monster Chaser Plush

Green scary monster stuffed

This toy is cute, cuddly and fun to play with. It stands at 12’’ tall. If your kid loves monsters, this is the toy. They are soft and so huggable. The toy looks like an actual monster. It has antennas on its head. This will make the kids imagine fire, or laser lights shooting from them. Yes, it creates that illusion in kids. This Halloween toy was designed to protect kids. Kids will get addicted to it and will even give it names.

2. Lego Halloween Accessory Set

Top Halloween toys for kids 2015

The set has 58 pieces with about three mini-figures of a zombie, witch, and a ghost. With the pieces, the kids can make a graveside diorama. On top of that, it takes less than five minutes to assemble the whole set together. It is fun to play with if your kid loves spooky stuff. At 4.7 inches by 1.6 inches by 9.8 inches, the set is also affordable. Recommended Halloween toy for kids from 3 years old and up.

3. Monster Action Figure Bucket- Big Bucket of 100 Horror Toy Figures

Best Halloween toys 2015 for boys

This set is recommended for 4 years and above. Standing at 4 inches by 4 inches by 14 inches, the big bucket has 100 horror monsters. The figures range from multiples of Frankenstein, Demon, Lagoon, Cyclops, Godzilla, Mummy, Werewolf, Dracula, Zombie, Giant spider, Giant moth, and two different gravestones. The figures are made from plastic with some pretty and amazing sculpting. Boys or even girls are destined to have lots of fun with this one.

4. Melissa & Doug Monster Plush Bowling Game

Cool Halloween toys for girls

This Halloween kit is ideal for kids from 2 years up to 8 years. At 7 inches by 8.5 inches by 9 inches, the set is so colorful. Even the dogs cannot resist this one. This is due to the good construction, brightness, and adorable features.

5. Monster High Haunted Student Spirits Vandala Doubloons Doll

Halloween fun facts figures

This is for the pretty dolls. If your girl loves ghosts, this is the right toy for her. The doll has been designed with some creepy sense. The Vandala Boubloons has unique peg legs adding to her beautiful nature. This is irresistible, especially for girls. A perfect affordable Halloween gift.

Some girls believed if they looked into mirrors as they walked downstairs at midnight on Halloween they would see their boyfriends’ faces while Scottish girls believed if they hung wet sheets in front of the fire on Halloween, they would see their future husbands.

6. Mega Bloks Monster High Draculaura’sVamptastic Room Building Set

Recommended Halloween gift toys

This toy set is ideal for kids of ages 6 and above. The amazing thing with this is the kid can play around with the way in which the toys appear. In other words, they can display them in different ways and positions. It has a building bedroom with a make-up chair, shelves, and a coffin. Has mirrors, lipstick, and other make-up accessories. Nevertheless, the Draculaura mini-figure. It is highly affordable, imaginative, and easy for the kids to play with during Halloween festival.

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7. My Singing Monsters Mammott Plush

Halloween monster plush

This 10 inches tall, plush Mammott has quite a variety of musical world. The monsters each have a unique song and personality. Moreover, it is soft and tender, cute, and adorable. The quality is of high standard and kids will love it.

8. Alex Toys Rub a Dub Monster In My Tub

Dub monsters for festival

Probably one of the most affordable among the Halloween item list. It includes four amazing little monsters, and a mesh bag with suction cups for drying and storage. They have been perfectly designed for small babies of ages 6 months and above.

9. Mega Bloks Monster High Monster Moviemobile Building Set

Building blocks for halloween

The pieces are fantastic. Kids can build their own moviemobile monsters. They then use the creepy accessories to decorate their moviemobile monsters. This Halloween toy for kids is recommended for kids between 4 and 10 years of age. They are fun and imaginative too.

10. RoomMates RMK1472SCS Monsters Peel & Stick Wall Decals

Halloween stickers for children

It consists 35 wall monster decals that are easy to apply and stick. They have a strong adhesive property that will stick to any surface, but most effectively the smooth surfaces. Kids being so playful will stick them peel them and stick them again, but they will still have that strong adhesive. These are tough and adorable as well.

Bonfires, during the pre-Halloween celebration of Samhain, were lit to make sure the sun returned after the hard and long winter. At that time it was originally known as “Bone fire” as Druid priests would often throw cattle bones into the flames.

11. Mad Scientist Lab Kit

Halloween toys bulk for children

Let your genius kid dress as a mad scientist with the best props which possess all that he’ll ever need. Encourage creativity with colorful potions to mix, and get crazy with the misty effect in the surroundings.

12. Foamies Jack-O-Lantern Activity Bucket

Scary Halloween toys for baby

Let kids do all the legwork of carving those pumpkins, and 30 of them along with 30 pairs of wiggly eyes, plus 150 foam stickers to giggle while gluing together!

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13. Liquid Chalk Markers

Halloween toys for kids

You and your child will be captivated by the amazingly vivid colors of these Halloween toy markers which are mystically odorless, reversible at the tip, can be magically used to doodle on almost any surface, plus free stickers!

14. Boooo-opoly

Halloween toys

Trick or Trade? Play Monopoly with a boo-tiful twist with haunted houses as your creepy properties to trade in for full moons. Learn Halloween facts as you encounter all frightful things along the way!

15. Haunted Doll

Halloween toys for toddlers

Something that will scare the crap out of people, your family, friends, and maybe even Chucky himself when he gets face-to-face with this creepiest doll ever, or whatever it really is?

  • Irish legend tells that Jack O’Lanterns were named after a stingy man who was forbidden entrance into hell and heaven because he tricked the devil at different times. This man, Jack, continuously waved his lantern as a way of leading people from their paths since he was condemned to wander the earth.
  • Turnips were the material from which the first ever Jack O’Lanterns were made.

16. Lego Pumpkin

Lego pumkin

Carving won’t be a difficult task at any rate with this brick-o-lantern that will deliver hours of fun! This queer pumpkin features a jagged carved design built from orange Legos topped with a green wispy stem.

17. Bag of Skeleton Bones

Halloween bags

A bone-chilling sight is what you will have wherever you scatter the weirdest collection of all, right from your own deluxe bag of bones which hold 28 different pieces dug out of the graveyard.

18. Shrinky Dinks Halloween Fun

Toys and costumes for Halloween

Sugar and spice, and everything delightfully ghoulish is here with all sorts of decors, tools, and extras included for a quick and easy craft to make with kids to display and be proud of.

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19. Fake Needle Syringe Pens

Plush Halloween toys for kids

Doctor, zombie nurse, mad scientist, bloody surgeon, crazed patient, or whichever you are playing, be prepared to be the big shot without the shots with this bloody red syringe. How about writing a prescription, doc?

20. Sound Machine- Horror Sound Effects

Frightening sound machine toy

Hear haunting sounds, including the squawk of a crow, suspicious door knock, fang-tastic Dracula’s laugh, and more with the most terrifying of Halloween toys yet terrific for a nightmare to remember!

  • Samhnainophobia is the name given to a persistent and an intense fear of Halloween.

  • It is from the old English word “wicce” that the word “witch’ comes from. Wicce means wise woman and as such, wiccan were, at one time, highly revered people. And as popular belief puts it, it was on Halloween night that witches held one of their two major meetings or sabbats.

21. Witch Fortune Wheel Game

Halloween party favors for kids

A vintage party favor that’s merely more than a decor with the artwork it holds and the fortune it tells. This is one of the best toys for Halloween that gets any party rolling like eyeballs with such a hilarious hair-raising time you’ll experience!

22. Crazy Bonez Pose-N-Stay Skeleton

Bone and skeleton for children

A house is not really haunted if cobwebs haven’t formed and isn’t surrounded by mists, moreover, if you don’t have your kid’s boney friend to celebrate with and bring to life with quirky poses!

23. Inflatable Vampire and Coffin Cooler

Kids' Halloween toys and games

Let Dracula guard over your drinks and keep them cold while you’re busy being the life of the party. It’s great value for your money.

24. Animated Medusa Bust with Light-Up Eyes

Hell scare toys
There’s just something about those green eyes that’s so enchanting. Keep Medusa and her snakes protected from the elements or she might turn you into stone!

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25. Black Cat

Halloween soft toys
A witch costume won’t be complete without the black cat add-on. It’s small enough to play with, as many buyers have admitted to doing – with a size of just 7” by 4”.

  • In comparison with the 10% of kids who prefer receiving gum for Halloween and another 24% who would rather go for non-chocolate candy, 50% of kids would rather get chocolate candy for Halloween.
  • The owl is a famous Halloween image. Hearing an owl’s call, in Medieval Europe, meant one was going to die as owls were thought to be witches.

26. Bloco Toys Ogre and Monsters Building Kit

Gifts for Halloween 2015

The kit comes with a set of systematic instructions for building one dragon of the light. It also has 280 high-density foam and plastic connectors. This Halloween toy is ideal for children of ages 5 to 10 years. This kit help the little ones involve in imagination as they try to build the monsters.

27. King of Tokyo Halloween Expansion Board Game

Halloween board game
After an afternoon of trick-or-treating, why not let the games continue indoors? With spooky, Halloween-themed contents, this limited edition game is loved by fans of the King of Tokyo series.

28. Star Wars Yoda Candy Holder

Halloween supply store
A must-have for every Star Wars fanatic who wants Yoda standing against the wall and offering candy while they fight Darth Vader with their lightsaber. It stands about 1.5 feet tall – life-sized for Yoda.

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29. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Fuzzy Make-Your-Own Monster Puppet

Halloween night ghosts

This involves the little boys and girls in creative imagination as they try to make their own monsters. That means constant fun for the kids as well. Furthermore, the Halloween toys are designed from high-quality materials, tested for safety, and they are durable as they are made from premium fabrics. Ideal for kids of 3 years and above, the set has 30 different push pieces that represent the mouth, ear, nose, horns, among others.

30. Haunted House Countdown Calendar

Haunted house calendar
Keep the anticipation up for the whole of October. Open a window a day to reveal a Halloween riddle or joke. Fun for the whole family!

  • In 1993, Norm Craven broke the world record by growing the largest pumpkin (836 lb.) ever measured.
  • The world record for the fastest time to carve a pumpkin (about 16.47 seconds) is held by Stephen Clarke. To set this record he had to beat his previous record. The pumpkin, according to the rules of the competition, must weigh below 24 pounds and must be carved in a conventional way that requires the minimum of the mouth, nose and the eyes.

31. The Skeleton in the Closet

Skeleton in the closet
Make this book and doll set part of your family tradition! Hide it in a different spot every day so they can search and discover a new surprise each day. 5 stars all around!

32. Pumpkin Decorating Craft Kit

Pumkin craft kit
Decorating the jack-o’-lanterns can be fun for the kids too. The self-adhesive foam pieces make it easier for kids (aged 5 and up) to participate in this craft project.

33. Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle

Goblins jigsaw puzzle pieces
A family project that’s perfect for passing the time leading up to the anticipated Halloween Day. It’s fun and easy to put together, and it certainly keeps the Halloween mood going.

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34. Zipper FX Makeup Kit

Horror makeup kit for girls
Everybody looks creepy with a zipper running down their face to show the blood and bones. The kit comes with the makeup and instructions you need to show everyone what’s lying beneath your skin.

35. Halloween Tote Bags

Halloween tote bags
Spice up your party with these large, 16-inch tote. They’re lightweight but still very durable, perfect for goodies and giveaways for guests of all ages.

  • The ancient Celtic tradition of putting treats and foods out in order to placate whatever spirits that roamed the streets at Samhain gave birth the trick-or-treating. The end of the Celtic calendar year was marked by this sacred festival.
  • A modern day medieval Christian precursor to trick-or-treating is “Souling.” On November 1st or Hallowmas, the poor went from door to door and in exchange for soul cakes would offer prayers for the dead.

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Halloween Costumes and Decoration

After Christmas, Halloween is probably every child’s favorite time of the year. The great thing about it is, the idea of getting dressed up in your scariest costume never gets old, no matter how old you are. In truth, adults probably have just as much fun as the kids do! Here’s a list of cool Halloween costumes and decoration for kids (and adults) to bask in the spirit of Halloween.

1. Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Edition Wicked Witch Legs

Halloween toys bulk

Wicked smart and beautiful is exactly what this glittering piece that belongs to the rarest classical Halloween toys is, perfect for the timeless Oz theme party and an unforgettable fairy tale of your life.

2. Witch Bathroom Cover

Halloween decoration cover

Delight as guests shriek at the top of their lungs for not being able to pass through your bathroom door. With this finely made novelty decor to make your house witchful and quite eerie, they wouldn’t dare!

3. Wine Bottle Stickers

Halloween toys for babies

Complete the ambiance of a spooky and bubbly party with dusty wine bottles laden with different labels. Each sticker is scribbled with some unbelievably clever Halloween sayings to spruce up your wine rack, just be careful what you drink!

4. Microwave Door Decor

Toys for halloween

Reposition and reuse this blood-curdling bloody head all you want on your microwave without leaving any residue, or any trace of a bloody mess! Don’t forget to wipe off those fingerprints too.

5. Peeping Tom

Party items for Halloween

Someone may be watching you, and knows not only what you did last summer  but every day by simply peeping through the window right when you least expect it! Anyone will get good scare with this lifelike prank.

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  • Blackie, Alberta, Canada, is the place where the first known mention of trick-or-treating in print was discovered, in 1927.
  • “Halloween” is the short for “Hallows’ Evening” or “Hallows’ Eve.” This was known to be the evening Hallowmas on November 1st or before all Hallows’ (holy or Sanctified) day. All Saints Day or Hallowmas (November 1) and the following day, November 2nd which was All Soul’s day were decided by the Christian church to incorporate sacred pagan holidays which fell around October 31st in a bid to convert pagans.

6. Baby’s Disney Frozen Olaf Toddler Costume

Horror toys and games for boys

A costume that’s frighteningly cute, but not as spellbindingly adorable as your child will look once he or she puts this on! This cuddly snowman is also perfect for the transition to wintertime.

7. Menacing Mummy

Halloween novelty toys for children

Dennis the Menace is no match for this mummy with glaring eyes that will catch anyone by surprise, staring right at them through your window. It will make trickers scrambling cowardly away with fear!

8. Michael Myers’ Mask

Mask for Halloween party
Nothing better than showing up to a party as the star of the Halloween slasher films franchise. It’s made of tough material so it’s bound to withstand the abuse from the people you’ve scared.

9. Iron Man Mark 34 Costume

Kids costumes for Halloween
Lots of adults want to be the billionaire genius, Tony Stark, but kids just want to be Iron Man. This 100% polyester costume comes complete with a mask, boots, and gauntlets for children 44 – 48 inches tall.

10. Pumpkin Costume for Infants

Pumkin costume coupon deal
Not all jack-o’-lanterns have to be scary, especially when you’ve got them wrapped around an adorable infant. It’s perfect for kids of up to 24 months, but stick with under 12 month babies to be safe!

  • Orange and black are colors that are linked with Halloween. Black symbolizes darkness and death and is a reminder of the fact that Halloween was once the festival marking the boundaries between death and life. Orange on the other hand, symbolizes endurance and strength, and with brown and gold, stands for harvest and autumn.
  • There is a permanent place for cats in Halloween folklore as they have links to witches and the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (which was a precursor to Halloween). Druids in ancient celebration of Samhain, were said to throw acts into a fire as a part of their divination proceedings.

11. Fairytale Witch Costume

Buy baby toys Halloween
This costume will make your child look like the good witch who has just come straight out of a fairytale. Without a broom, it comes with a matching apron and a pointy hat.

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12. Metallic Temporary Tattoos

Tattoo for children party
Add some style to your costume with metallic body art – whether you’re an Egyptian goddess, or a fairy princess, these long-lasting temporary tattoos will surely brighten up an otherwise ordinary outfit!

13. Jack-O’-Lantern Trick or Treat Bag

Trick bags for Halloween night
Jack-o’-lanterns are a staple Halloween accessory and it’ll complement pretty much any costume. These are made of plastic but very durable, and they’re perfect for parties as they come in packs of 50.

14. Scary Peeper

Halloween decoration peeper
Nobody likes a peeping tom that looks like a clown as scary as this one. Put it up against your window, or use it as a prop to scare people. It’ll definitely do the trick.

15. Skeleton Zombie Costume

Boys' skeleton zombie dress
Skeleton and zombie – two Halloween staples all rolled into one. The attention to detail in the costume makes it so realistic. It’s perfect for kids who want to give a good scare.

  • The ancient agricultural roots of Halloween is symbolized by the well known Halloween fixture of scarecrows.
  • Several names that Halloween has been previously called include Summer’s End, Samhain, Snap-Apple Night, Lamswool, Witches Night, and All Hallows’ Eve.

16. Vampire Costume for Infants

Vampire costume baby boy
Count Dracula has never looked this cute. The costume is baby-proof, with snaps for easy diaper changing. You may need extra layers for cold weather, but the polyester makes it very comfortable for baby.

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17. Construction Worker Role Play Set

Saw and hammer worker gears

Set aside the ghastly white blanket or flimsy-looking toilet paper mummy, and let your child wear a real Halloween costume that won’t fall apart. This one’s as strong as its hard hat with reliable tools for the zombies.


Fun Facts about Halloween

The ancient Roman festival of Pomona influenced Halloween. This festival celebrated Pomona, the Harvest goddess. The reason Halloween was at one time called Snap-Apple Night and Nutcrack Night is that most Halloween games and customs featuring nuts and apples (for instance, bobbing for apples) date from this time.

Harry Houdini (1874-1926) who died on Halloween night in 1926 from appendicitis resulting from three stomach punches was one of the most mysterious and popular magicians to ever live.

Tradition has it that if on Halloween, a person wears his/her clothes inside out and walks backward, at midnight he/she will see a witch.

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Dias de los Muertos or the Days of the Dead is celebrated by Mexicans on November 1st and 2nd (All Saints’ Day and All Soul’s Day) instead of on Halloween. The townspeople parade down the street dressed up like ghouls.

It is the early Celtic tradition where the townspeople disguised themselves as spirits and demons that gave rise to dressing up as ghouls and other spooks. It was the Celts belief that if they dressed this way they would escape being noticed by the real spirits that wandered the streets during Samhain.

The National Retail Federation carried out a survey and found that 33% of respondents planned to throw or attend a party while 40.1% planned to wear a Halloween.

Halloween toys for kids 2015 shopping

11.5% will dress their pets up, 20.8% will visit a haunted house, and 46.3% will carve a pumpkin while 72.2% will hand out a candy.

In Hong Kong these Halloween celebrations are called the “Festival of the Hungry Ghost” or Yue Lan. During the festival, gifts and food are offered with fires lit to pacify ghosts who may be angry and may be seeking revenge.

The Halloween capitals (self-proclaimed) of the world are Salem, Massachusetts, and Anoka, Minnesota.

The largest Halloween parade in the U.S. is the village Halloween parade in New York City drawing 2 million spectators and including 50,000 participants in the parade.

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