How to Get Kids Outdoors this Summer

getting kids outdoors summerIt’s summer time and the kids are parked in front of the television on yet another gorgeous sunny day. This all too familiar scenario is now common place in family homes, with the indoor temptations of video games, movies, and the internet providing children of all ages distractions so strong that you would be forgiven for thinking they have completely forgotten that life outside the four walls of the house even exists.


Back in the good old days, children could not wait for their Summer holidays so they could spend long hot days outdoors swimming, riding their bikes, and getting up to general childhood mischief outside. Nowadays, it can take some encouragement and reminders from parents to bring about that same desire in kids.

Reconnecting With Nature

It’s no secret that we have become disconnected from nature, and today’s kids are the first generation to grow up with an iPad in their lap almost from the time they can sit up.

Instilling a sense of purpose in children can be hugely motivating when it comes to getting them outdoors and this can be achieved by thinking up games and challenges that require children to stay outside. Some ideas can include:

  • A challenge between a group of children involving who can spot and name the most number of birds in the backyard in a given space of time. An inexpensive pair of binoculars and a simple bird guide aimed at children can make this activity extra immersive and interesting for even the youngest kids.
  • Create a small garden in a special spot that your children can call their own. Watching seedlings grow into plants is something that will motivate the kids to get outdoors each day, as they water the plants and see the daily growing progress.Vegetable gardens can be the most exciting for children as they will be looking forward to the reward of picking their first produce.
  • Let the children invite some friends over, and set up a challenge in the backyard, local park or any safe outdoor place where the kids must collect items, such as leaves, flower petals, feathers and rocks, that match a list of different colors. Prizes for the winners can be an extra motivator!

How to Get Kids Outdoors this SummerOutdoor Picnics

Whether it’s with the family or a group of their own friends, a half or full day picnic is a sure fire way to have the children outdoors for a good number of hours.

Picking a spot where there are things to do – such as a park with play equipment, or a forest with nature trails, means that boredom won’t set in and the kids will have plenty to do to keep them active and away from their iPads.

If you don’t have time to set off to the park for a picnic, let the kids put together their own lunch and set up a picnic rug in the backyard.

Bike Riding

There aren’t many kids who don’t love a good bike ride, and no matter how old they are there is always going to be great enjoyment in the activity.

With the added bonus of it being a way to get active, riding a bike is not only fun but an important health activity for children who might be spending far too much time indoors and being inactive.

You may have a bike riding track nearby that is suitable for children, but if not, taking out a map and pinpointing a fun, safe place for you and your kids to go for a bike ride makes for an exciting day out and one that can easily be coupled with breakfast, lunch or dinner outdoors.

How to Get Kids Outdoors Summer

Get Dirty

Most kids love nothing more than to get muddy and dirty just for the sheer fun of it and it is certainly something that kids have been doing for centuries.

They might often think they are doing something wrong, but it is healthy and fun for kids to splash around in puddles in the backyard or somewhere safe and encouraging them to do so might surprise you with their enthusiasm for getting outside – particularly if there has been some recent rain.

Everything can be cleaned up later, so why not tell the kids to go splash around in the mud for a while? You might even enjoy it as well!

You don’t even need to leave your own backyard to have the kids outdoors and immersing themselves in their natural surrounds. But just telling them to go outside and play is often not enough to drag them away from their beloved indoor electronic entertainment.

That’s why having activities and games in mind can make all the difference to encouraging their desire to be outdoors, and reminding them that there is a whole world of enjoyment away from the computer and TV.


Get children Outdoors Summer



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