How Was Albert Einstein as a Child?

Albert Einstein as a baby boy
It is hard to believe how one of the biggest names in the world of science found it difficult to learn and speak but went on to become one of the best scientists the world has even seen.

His contributions for science make him one of the most renowned figure in history. In this post, we explore the problems Einstein faced during his childhood.

Born in Ulm, in the German kingdom on 14 March 1879, Albert Einstein was born in a middle-class family. His father was a salesman and an engineer by profession.


Albert Einstein took admission in Catholic Elementary school when he was just five years old. From an early age, Einstein was a slow learner. He took a long time to learn how to speak, which bothered his parents and forced them to consult a doctor.

Albert Einstein early childhood life

He was a below average student in school. Most of his headmasters and teachers always complained about his academic performance.

But what made him so special was his ability to ask difficult to answer questions from the teachers. He always challenged conventional wisdom and looked at things from a different perspective.

His father knew about his outstanding capabilities and gave him a compass at the age of five. He used that compass to explore the magnetic field.

Einstein’s father wanted to see his son as an electrical engineer but Einstein had different plans for the future. He refused his father when he asked him to take admission in electrical engineering and resented on the educational method of the institute.

Einstein was affected by a low drive to empathize which lead to autism at a young age. By the time he was a teenager; he got over these problems and started to live like a normal person.

At the age of 12, Einstein started to solve complex mathematical and arithmetic problems. When was 15 years old, he gained full command over differentiation and integration.

He used to solve mathematics problems throughout summer vacation because he loves mathematics.

Albert Einstein as a child

Einstein was a man of imagination and saw visuals instead of words. He presented the general theory of relativity thanks to his imagination and vision. He believed in hard work and tried again and again even after many failures.

It was in 1905, the year that turned his life upside down, he graduated but failed to get his doctoral dissertation accepted. In his spare time, he produced four papers which shook the foundation of physics.

The first paper focused on light as particle or waves while the second one provided a detailed analysis of the existence of atoms and molecules. The third paper was on the theory of relativity which said that there is no absolute time and space.

The last paper proved the famous the energy-mass equation (E=mc2 formula). These four paper made Einstein a real scientific genius but he was not satisfied with this achievement and went on to scale new heights.

He struggled throughout his early days and continued to step towards his goal no matter what the situations were and went on to become the best scientist in the world up to now.

Albert Einstein thought and looked at things from a different perspective and never accepted traditional wisdom.

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