Incrediblock Toy for Babies

Age Range: 9 months to 2 years.

Fisher Price Incrediblock for todddlers

What is Fisher-Price Incrediblock Toy?

Fisher-Price is among the most recognizable toy brands, and with several decades of experience, their toys are known to be durable and engaging.

The toy company primarily makes products that target toddlers, and with interesting features and colorful exteriors, they appeal a lot to children.


The Incrediblock is suitable for very young children with basic perception abilities (starting from about 9 months). It is activated by pressing one of the blocks or by pressing the blue triangle at the top.

Toddlers can stack the blocks together, put the blocks in holes in the central structure and engage with the Incrediblock in several other ways, resulting in fun sounds and flashing lights.

It has a total of 8 words, 8 songs and several sound-effects. All sides (except the bottom) can be engaged with, and the Incrediblock is designed such that it is easy to use even for very young toddlers.

Who is Fisher-Price Incrediblock Toy for?

As mentioned above, the Incrediblock is made for very young children, and while it is extremely useful, engaging and fun for toddlers, most children older than 2 years would not enjoy it that much.

This is why it is suitable as your child’s first toy, since its exteriors are attractive and it has it all covered when it comes to baby safety (no sharp edges, no toxic material, etc.).

Fisher Price Peek a Block Incrediblock for todldlers

Why should you buy Fisher-Price Incrediblock Toy?

Young children are extremely inquisitive and are willing to explore and learn. This curiosity can be supplemented with the Incrediblock, which can help satiate their curiosity and develop their motor skills and the tunes are just a bonus, making learning enjoyable for toddlers.

The Incrediblock has several engaging features that attract the attention of toddlers, namingly catchy tunes, flashing lights and a colorful exterior. Fisher-Price has ticked the right boxes when it comes to engaging with toddlers.

Once again, Fisher-Price products are extremely durable and are made out of non-toxic materials, making them safe for toddlers.

Fisher Price Peek a Block Incrediblock for baby playing

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Cons for Fisher-Price Incrediblock Toy:

1.) The motor is quite noisy, and can be a bit irritating after a while
2.) It is comparatively pricier

Pros for Fisher-Price Incrediblock Toy:

1.) It is very versatile, and toddlers can engage with it in many ways.
2.) The various features help satiate a toddler’s curiosity, and also develops their motor skills early-on
3.) It is made out of non-toxic materials, doesn’t have any sharp edges and has various other safeguards that make it a great learning toy for toddlers
4.) The Incrediblock is extremely easy to use for toddlers, and they discover its various features with ease over time
5.) The flashing lights, the catchy tunes, the attractive exteriors and the fun games make the Incrediblock a well-rounded toy

Buying Fisher Price Peek a Block Incrediblock

Final Verdict:

The Incrediblock is a well-rounded toy, with its engaging features, ease of use and use of safe materials. Although it is slightly more expensive than similar toys, the extra price is well worth it for the fun your toddler would get out of it.



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