John Deere Mega Bloks Harvest Crew

John Deere Mega Bloks Harvest Crew is a good choice for children of 5-9 years old.

What is John Deere Mega Bloks Harvest Crew?

This is a cool playset with the theme of a farm. The learning toy has the items that are related to the farms and farmers’ activities.

The set comprises of 868 pieces, a silo, six tools, five figures and two farm vehicles. The kids get to build a farm and the things found and used in it like a tractor or a combine harvester.


It is almost the same as the building block toy set where different sized and shaped blocks are joined to make a tower or any regular building.

The difference here is that instead of making a plain building or large blocks, the children end up making a complete farm which makes them curious and ultimately joyful.

John deere mega bloks harvest crew playset

Who is John Deere Mega Bloks Harvest Crew for?

The toy is recommended for children of age 5 years or more. The children of this age are in a state of developing their thinking skills and creativity.

This fun toy will definitely help them do it. The different parts of the toy are good enough to make them aware of the things related to farm and making machines or vehicles out of the smaller pieces will make them creative and imaginative.

The product is not recommended for younger children because of its small pieces which can be ingested or be misused by these children causing suffocation or any other accident.

Mega-bloks John Deere farm tractor toy

Why should you buy John Deere Mega Bloks Harvest Crew?

With this complete building set, children know what a farm looks like and how it works.

The grasping ability of children at this age is remarkable hence letting them know how a place like farm operates, what it includes and what kind of things are present will benefit them.

Your children will not only have the joy of setting up a farm, but will also be able to harvest the crops, store it and then sell it too.

The toy is a unique idea, very much different from the monotonous doll houses for girls and remote controlled cars for boys.

John Deere mega bloks farm toys for kids

It can be used by both, girls and boys and hence has no limitations of gender.

Making up of vehicles like tractors will make the kids familiar with these things which are not very commonly seen around.

Hence, the toy is a complete learning package for the kids of growing age letting their minds grow and making them creative and innovative.

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Cons for John Deere Mega Bloks Harvest Crew:

1.    The pieces are may get mixed together because of no labelling or color differentiation.
2.    Children of lower age might need help in assembling the pieces.
3.    No separate labeling of the pieces of different equipment leads to difficulty in making the object, frustrating the child.

John Deere mega-bloks harvest crew playset

Pros for John Deere Mega Bloks Harvest Crew:

1.    The set is neat and simple for the recommended age.
2.    Has almost all basic things that match the farm theme of the toy.
3.    High quality plastic pieces not easily breakable.
4.    Takes little time to set up even in the first attempt hence suitable for the kids.

Final Verdict:

John Deere Mega Bloks Harvest Crew is a complete set of building blocks that help kids make a life-like farm.

The idea of giving the children some awareness about what a farm is and what it looks like is outstanding and this toy is the best demonstration.

Although it has received a few minor complainers, but the major positive responses of the parents makes it desirable.



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