KidKraft Cook Together Kitchen

KidKraft Cook Together KitchenAnyone who has kids must know that children, whether girls or boys, love to play in the kitchen or at least most of them do. Somehow they have so much fun when playing in the kitchen, especially if you ask them to help when baking cookies. Maybe they just love the mess, or maybe they really have a genuine interest in cooking, either way, now you can entertain them with this kitchen from KidKraft.


What is KidKraft Cook Together Kitchen toy?

Kidkraft Cook Together Kitchen is an artificial kitchen for kids with quite complete features. It has a microwave, oven, dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator, cordless phone, and other features that make it looks just like a real kitchen. All doors can be opened and closed, just like all knobs also clickable and turn-able.

It’s made mainly with MDF wood and plastic that make it pretty light but sturdy. Weighing at 60 pounds with the dimensions of 38 x 13 x 42 inches, it has several extra compartments that your kids can use as additional storage spaces. It has wood colors for the most parts with additions of bright colors, so any kid will love this toy.

KidKraft Cook Together Kitchen toy

Who is KidKraft Cook Together Kitchen for?

Even though the recommended age by the manufacturer is 3 – 12 years, it might be a little too small for a 12 year old, but for younger kids up to 10 years old, it would be just perfect.

One of the best things about this toy is that it’s a gender neutral toy. Sometimes there are parents who don’t like their sons playing with kitchen stuff, but it’s actually okay. This is a kitchen, not a Barbie, so it’s not just for girls. Besides, do you know that most successful chefs are males? Who knows, maybe your boy will be the next Gordon Ramsay, better start when they’re young, right?

KidKraft Cook Together Kitchen toy review

Why buying KidKraft Cook Together Kitchen toy?

Any toy that can stimulate a kid’s imagination and creativity is a good toy. Kidkraft Cook Together Kitchen is a good educational toy that will help your kids to develop their skills while stimulating their imagination and creative thinking. It’s also a great toy that will teach your kids the importance of sharing because it’s a lot more fun to play with this toy when you have a partner in the kitchen!

Cons for Cook Together Kitchen:

•    Though it comes with detailed instructions, some people might have some difficulties in putting the parts together.
•    The 13″ depth might be a little too narrow for some, especially those who already bought big size kitchen accessory sets.

Pros for Cook Together Kitchen:

•    Quite realistic and look just like a miniature kitchen.KidKraft Cook Together Kitchen toy reviews
•    It has replicas of just about everything that a real kitchen has.
•    A very educational toy that will bring out your kid’s creativity.
•    Gender neutral, suitable for both girls and boys.
•    Can be played by two or three kids together.
•    Pretty well made with good materials, lightweight and safe.
•    Reasonably priced.
•    Even though the factory is in China, KidKraft has an American customer service team, which is very responsive.

KidKraft Kitchen toy picture:

KidKraft Cook Together Kitchen review



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