Kid’s Adventure Jumbo Blocks Set

Kids' Adventure Jumbo Blocks

Age Range: 18 months and above.

What are Kid’s Adventure Jumbo Blocks?

Kid’s Adventure Jumbo Blocks – Standard Set is a 96 piece package of large building blocks for the whole family.

Soft round edges make the blocks safe for play inside and outside the house. Jumbo-sized blocks make it easier for younger kids to grip each piece and build towers, castles, and more.


Whether your child is a budding architect or merely need a quick castle for their princess to live in, 96pc Jumbo Blocks- Standard Set can help. The creativity kids can have with this product really is limitless!

96pc jumbo blocks standard set

Who are Kid’s Adventure Jumbo Blocks for?

Kids of 18 months and older can learn spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination through solo play, guided play, or play with others.

Parents can use the blocks to encourage learning about colors, counting, and sorting on top of the usual benefits from building things.

Kids who play with a parent often get more of the benefits than children who play with the Jumbo Blocks alone.

Building with blocks can encourage problem solving through design for even the youngest children, and kids can work on motor, spatial, social, and language skills through their play with blocks.

By using creative thinking to build different structures, they can develop beginnings of the logical thinking required to succeed with learning complex math problems later in life.

Kids' Adventure Jumbo Blocks Learning Toy

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Why should you buy Kid’s Adventure Jumbo Blocks?

Blocks have numerous benefits through solo play but add more than one child and they become the perfect toy for socialization.

Kids can work cooperatively to build complex structures and solve architectural problems to achieve the thing they want to build.

The 96pc Jumbo Blocks can also be combined with other toys and accessories for pretend play, which is important for development. Creativity and pretend play stimulate the language centers in a child’s brain.

How many popular toys these days require batteries? It’s a nightmare come Christmas trying to get every obscure battery that toys require, but blocks are the popular toy that doesn’t require anything but buying the product for instant playtime.

The great thing about this toy is really how a large range of ages can play with it, making it very cost effective for longevity. So many toys become dated quickly but blocks are timeless.

This is a great toy for preschools, daycares, and kindergartens because you get so many blocks (96). There will be fewer arguments about having enough blocks for everyone!

It’s an awesome tool for lesson plans such as color identification and counting the number of blocks in a tower. Blocks are always a favorite with kids and it’s literally constructive for them in so many ways.

Pros for Kid’s Adventure Jumbo Blocks:

1. Helps develop skills like spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination, which is needed in order to learn how to write once the kids reach school.
2. Can be used as an easy learning tool for explaining what different colors are called and how to count.
3. Encourages cooperative play, sharing, and socialization for play groups, preschools, and daycares.
4. Makes kids better situated to learn math and logical thinking skills later in life.

Cons for Kid’s Adventure Jumbo Blocks:

Stepping on them will hurt so always make sure your kids put up the blocks once they’re done playing!

Made in USA jumbo blocks for kids

Final Verdict:

This really is a perfect learning toy for parents and kids. Play can be quiet and focused to a small corner of the room, which is heaven to most parents’ ears.

They last a long time too. Overall these jumbo blocks are recommended for educational and creative play for one child or multiple children at one time.



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