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Fisher Price Laugh & Learning Home toy Product ReviewThe Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Home is one of the best educational toys for your child to have indoor. The concept is the toy being shaped like a house that has small fun parts that each teach your child different simple ideas of what they will have to learn and remember for the rest of their lives.

All of the pieces are large enough that your child won’t worry about choking on any of the pieces if they try to eat them (like most children do).


Your child can use their imagination to their greatest desire while playing with this toy. You can check the mail box and see what came in the mail today. This concept teaches your baby how to open and close objects while checking what is inside the box.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learning Home toy Product

Lots of cool things to learn

Featured all around the house are words, and numbers to teach your child what each character is and how to spell it. For example, there is a flip picture book on the home that shows pictures of different animals, with their name next to the picture so the child can connect the dots.

This teaches them vision and literature skills at the same time, opening their mind up to multi-tasking skills that they will learn to develop as a child.

The top of the house features a clock in which the moving hands teach your child how to count number and read analog time. In a time during digital age, young children aren’t always learning how to tell time the old fashioned way. Your child will be learning math skills at the same time as learning how to tell time even if they don’t understand what time is yet.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learning Home toyThere are little sounds and a switch to get them familiar with turning on and off lights. Among all the features there is also a cutout shape area showing different shapes in various colors.

Your child will learn which shape fits into which hole, which will also teach them new problem-solving skills. On the reverse side of the home, there are rolling numbers that your child can move around while visually seeing at the same time.

For older children, they can learn to count or add the numbers up together and create more of a game of spinning the numbers. No matter what age your child is you will not have to worry about them not being able to play with the home.

These are many different components that will keep your child busy. From playing with the moving pieces, or putting the shapes in the correct hold your child will not only get to play but learn along as they go which is great.

Pros for Laugh & Learn Learning Home:

The pros of this toy are the endless amounts of different mini games inside the home. Your child will be able to learn different colors, shapes, numbers and so much more. The small home teaches your child problem-solving skills while they are figuring out new shapes, letters and numbers, and what they mean.

Another pro to this toy is they can have it for about 3 years before becoming tired of it, and even then they may want to keep it around to keep learning and memorizing their numbers and letters. Each child will have a different experience unique to them that will make the toy such an enjoyable part of their time when they want to play with a fun toy.

The toy is unisexual, so boys or girls can play with it. The colors are both male and female friendly as well.

Laugh & Learning Home toy

Cons for Laugh & Learn Learning Home:

The only downside to the Laugh and Learn Learning Home  toy is that it is not a toy that grows with the child. The recommended age for this toy is between 6 months to 3 years old.

Though your child will get a very great play time out of it, and you can find it for very reasonable prices in store or online. The toy is easily accessible to you and your family, meaning no worries of hunting down the toy in a small shop in the middle of who knows where.

The Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Home will always be part of a great time for your little one that will teach them as well as entertain them at the same time. The best way to see how your child would like the toy is to buy it and test it out at home yourself.

You will not regret your purchase, as the money will mean nothing compared to spending time with your baby and teaching them new learning skills.

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