Leapfrog Counting Candles Birthday Cake

Leapfrog Counting Candles Birthday Cake gift-for-kids

Age range: 1 year and up.

What is Leapfrog Counting Candles Birthday Cake?

Leapfrog has become synonymous with high-quality educational toys, especially for the school-age crowd as well as for toddlers, and now they have a toy for children as young as a year old.

Leapfrog Counting Candles Birthday Cake is a toy that starts the child off early learning how to count by incorporating the tradition of celebrating birthdays with a cake and candles.


Kids can press the star button to start up a “birthday party” with the five light-up candles and singing. Press the balloon button to hear a counting song, or hear five songs about birthdays.

Kids can even blow on the candles to simulate blowing out candles on a real cake, so it’s a party every day. Parents can log onto the Leapfrog Learning Path for custom learning ideas as well.

Leapfrog Counting Candles Birthday Cake toy-for-children

Who is Leapfrog Counting Candles Birthday Cake For?

The toy is aimed at children 1 year and up, so the toy can easily be used by children up into kindergarten age or even into first grade.

Perhaps by using your example of teaching them, kindergarten and first-graders can try to “teach” any younger siblings they might have. The bright colors are attractive and kids will definitely get a kick of practicing blowing out all the candles as well as hearing all the songs about growing up.

You and your child can even add birthday lyrics to an instrumental tune, which would be great for teaching older kids how to rhyme words.

Plus, your child can also hear kids’ thoughts on the greatest thing about birthdays, which might also get the kindergarten set talking about their own birthday and how they like to have fun on their special day.

Why You Should Buy Leapfrog Counting Candles Birthday Cake

Early learning is always a good thing, and if you want to get a head start on getting your young child learning how to count, and to learn more about having birthdays in general, this is the toy to get.

Counting to five is manageable for most children five years and under, and if your child loves to sing along with songs, then they’ll love that feature of the toy.

Fun Leapfrog Counting Candles Birthday Cake

Cons for Leapfrog Counting Candles Birthday Cake Toy:

• Look forward to a lot of repetition. Repetition is key to learning, but hearing the songs over and over, or being asked to sing along all the time might be a little irritating.
• This item runs on batteries, so prepare to buy a lot of them—that is, if you don’t use rechargeables.

Pros for Leapfrog Counting Candles Birthday Cake Toy:

• Helps teach counting and music
• Increases motor skills.
• Makes every day a birthday party—especially when kids can “blow out” the candles. They’ll get the biggest kick out of this.
• Has a two-level volume setting so you can control how loud the sound is, plus a power button so you can save on batteries.

Leapfrog Counting Candles Birthday Cake kids' toy

Final Verdict for Leapfrog Counting Candles Birthday Cake:

This is truly a helpful way to teach kids counting, music, and about having birthdays, all without making them wait for their own birthday—which can seem interminable for a little kid. This toy, therefore, makes every day a birthday.

The ability to create your own lyrics to an instrumental tune is great for teaching kids older than a year how to rhyme, and how to make up their own words to a song, which children tend to do on their own anyway. So why not give them a toy that channels that tendency into a focused topic?

The pre-recorded songs of Leapfrog Counting Candles Birthday Cake might end up seeming too repetitive at times, but that’s a small price to pay if your child is learning and having fun at the same time.

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