LeapFrog Learn & Groove Alphabet Drum

Leapfrog Learn & Groove Alphabet Drum toy Age Range: 6 months to 3 years.

Leapfrog is well known as a supplier of creative and educational toys and their Learn & Groove Alphabet Drum introduces children to the English and Spanish alphabets.

It’s sort of like the entry-level Leapfrog toy for learning how to read and write using their other products. It all starts with the alphabet!


What is Learn & Groove Alphabet Drum?

It has three modes: Alphabet, Music Play, and Dance. Music Play Mode that encourages babies and toddlers to be creative and create music.

Each tap rewards the child with lights, music, and letters and inspires creativity because the learning becomes fun.

Kids using dance mode can dance along to the music and follow the voice commands given for a great playtime.

Who is Learn & Groove Alphabet Drum for?

This is for the very youngest of children to begin learning their alphabet in a fun and engaging manner but can also be used for older children needing to learn the Spanish alphabet on top of the English alphabet they may already know. The height of the drum can encourage younger kids to learn to sit up and begin playing.

The manufacturer suggests the toy is for kids aged 6 months to 3 years but it’s Music Play mode could probably be used by kids above age 3 as well. Beating out a tune on the Leapfrog drum can encourage learning rhythm and creative expression.

A six-month-old might be a little young for some of the modes but it can encourage the kid to sit up or stand up in order to use it as they get older.

Got a little one that keeps tapping on furniture or the walls? This would be a great toy to give them to give your furniture a rest. It’s nice and colorful which is always important in toys for younger children.

Leapfrog Learn & Groove Alphabet Drum toy review

Why should you buy this learning toy?

Early learning should always be fun because it will encourage the child to explore learning as they grow. If you’re starting down the road of encouraging your child to be bilingual, alphabets are the building blocks of any language.

It has three great modes of use for learning and creativity so it’s cost effective and it has the potential of being used for years of your child’s early life. It’ll teach your child alphabets in two languages and encourage musical play too.

The toy will also help sharpen motor skills in young children, which is important to learn in their early years, with each tap of the drum.

It even saves on the amount of batteries you need because it shuts off to conserve battery power.

Leapfrog Learn & Groove Alphabet Drum toy reviews

Pros for Learn & Groove Alphabet Drum:

1. Kids can learn the English and Spanish alphabets as well as explore their creative side with music, all while fine-tuning their motor skills. The lights and sounds encourage children to learn.
2. It won the iParenting Media Greatest Product Award so you know it’s quality.
3. Kids can dance, chase after it, and play it through multiple stages of development.
4. Turns off after a period of not being used to save on batteries.

Cons for Learn & Groove Alphabet Drum:

1. Prepare for a lot of drumming in your future. At the least the volume can be controlled to manageable levels.
2. The lights and music can get a little repetitive.

Leapfrog Learn and Groove Alphabet Drum toy

Final Verdict:

The Alphabet Drum might be noisy but the kids will get a lot of fun out of this toy while they’re learning alphabets of two languages, chasing after it, and pounding out a beat of their own. Recommended for anyone with kids who need to learn the alphabet.



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