LeapFrog Phonics Radio

Age Range: 18 months to 3 years.

What is LeapFrog Phonics Radio Toy?

This children’s radio plays thirty songs. It also uses pictures to teach letter and object recognition.

The radio is easy for a child to carry, and has a volume control. When a button is pushed, it plays a song using the letters displayed on the button.


The front of the radio has half circle shaped, plastic pages that make noise as they are turned. The child can flip through these pages like a book.

Leapfrog toys Phonics radio

Who is LeapFrog Phonics Radio Toy for?

This toy can be used by young toddlers, and preschool age children. Very young children can press the buttons and listen to the music while learning valuable phonics skills they will use when they begin formal schooling.

Even older children may enjoy matching the letters to the objects pictured, and listening to the fun songs.

Why should you buy LeapFrog Phonics Radio Toy?

The ability to see and hear a subject at the same time makes it much easier to learn and retain the information. With the brightly colored alphabet buttons and the songs associated with each one, this toy is ideal for learning.

The child will be seeing the letter and the object associated with it, then hearing a song relating to that letter. When they are introduced to reading later, it will be much easier to remember.

With thirty songs, it will take a long time to get bored of this toy. Unless your child takes a specific liking to one song and plays it over and over again, you’ll enjoy a wide variety of music, just like listening to a real radio.

Cons for LeapFrog Phonics Radio:

1. It is a battery operated toy that can play on for a long time, which might be annoying for other family members.
2. The game features are too difficult for very young children.

Pros for LeapFrog Phonics Radio:

1. The volume control allows the child to enjoy the music, without the whole family having to listen.
2. Letters are associated with objects to assist with learning.
3. The songs are fun and interesting and the variety will keep the child engaged.
4. It is durable enough for toddler play. It continues to work even after being dropped.

Cool Leapfrog Phonics Radio toy review

Final Verdict:

This toy is an excellent choice for introducing very young children to the alphabet and ultimately, reading. Some songs are sung in female voices, others in male, so there is enough variety the whole family can enjoy the toy. The volume control works well.

This is the type of toy that can easily be carried along in the car on road trips, or used day to day to occupy a child during adult activities, such as making dinner.

Since it is a versatile toy, it can grow with a child, or be handed down to younger siblings. LeapFrog has a great reputation for designing educational, yet fun toys. The Phonics Radio is no different and most parents will be very pleased with this purchase.

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