LeapPad2 Explorer Ultimate Learning Gift Pack

LeapPad2 Explorer Ultimate Learning Gift Pack Green Toy for kids

Color: Green. Age Range: 3-9 years.

What is LeapPad2 Explorer Ultimate Learning Gift Pack?

LeapFrog is one of the most well-known companies for superior educational toys and this newest product is no different. The LeapPad2 Explorer Ultimate Learning Gift Pack brings the fun of a small computer-notebook-like device to the dimension of learning.

The LeapPad2 contains a faster processor than its predecessor, with 4 GB of memory, plus a built-in microphone, front and back camera and video recorders.


It also comes with 5 apps: Petpad, Learning Songs, Art Studio, one app of your choice, plus a Cartoon Director app, which lets your child create their own movies.

The device also comes with its own carrying case, plus there’s the usual access to the free online LeapFrog Learning Path site.

Since this is a gift pack, the entire set also includes a $20 App Center Download card, plus the device is compatible with the LeapPad2 Recharger Pack, which is sold separately. Otherwise, the device takes 4 AA batteries.

lLeapPad2 Explorer Ultimate Learning Gift Pack learning toy Reviews

Who is LeapPad2 Explorer Ultimate Learning Gift Pack For?

The LeapPad2 is aimed at children aged 3-9 years, though depending on the child’s learning level, the range might be extended to age 10.

The skills and learning levels that this product promises to develop is pretty wide, since the LeapPad2 is compatible with an extensive library of Explorer cartridges and downloadable apps.

Thusly, your child can delve into more than 2500 skills in subjects ranging from reading, art and culture to math, geography and science and more.

The great thing about the LeapPad2 is that the skill levels adjust as the child progresses, so your eager student can go at his or her own pace.

Also, they can use the stylus or their fingers to touch, trace, create and play on the generous 5” touch screen, which displays apps just like Mommy or Daddy’s notebook or tablet.

With your help, they can even add a picture and their name to their LeapPad2’s main screen, which, along with the carrying case, will give them a sense of ownership, teaching them to take care of their belongings.

LeapPad2 Explorer Ultimate Learning Gift Pack Reviews

Why Buy LeapPad2 Explorer Ultimate Learning Gift Pack?

Since the LeapPad2’s age range is 3-9 years, you’re not too limited by how young or old your child is as far as their using the product to develop their knowledge and learn new skills.

LeapPad2 is not only a great way to start your child learning certain subjects early, it’s a great supplement to what they learn in school, especially if they might be struggling in a subject.

Maybe they need something explained differently than how the teacher is explaining it, and the LeapPad2 apps not only bridges that gap, but the results a child achieves with the LeapPad2 might give the parents a way to communicate to the teacher how their child learns best.

Plus, because the LeapPad2 comes as a small notebook-like device with its own case, it’s a great way to let your child feel ‘grown up’–since they’re no doubt watching you as you take out your computer while out and about and they want to do the same as you. But since it’s child-sized, it’s just right for their small hands.

Leapfrog Leappad2 explorer ultimate- earning toy for boys and girls

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Cons for LeapPad2 Explorer Ultimate Learning:

•    Requires 4 AA batteries—if you don’t purchase the recharge pack—so the device is likely to be an energy hog.
•    The stylus can be easily lost since it’s not attached to the device.
•    The recharge pack has to be purchased separately.
•    Doesn’t come with headphones, so these have to be a separate purchase if you don’t want to hear a lot of noise coming from the device.

Pros for LeapPad2 Explorer Ultimate Learning:

•    Comes with extra features like the downloadable app card—a $20 value—plus the carrying case
•    Customizable with your child’s name and picture at the top of the screen
•    Works with extensive library of Explorer cartridges that give your child a wide range of skills across a broad range of subjects.

LeapPad2 Explorer Ultimate Learning Gift Pack toy Reviews

Final Verdict:

Yes, the LeapPad2 is something of a battery eater, which can be a drain on your wallet if you don’t purchase the recharge pack, and yes, the stylus can be lost, but that still might be a teachable moment if your aim is to help your child learn to keep their stuff together and organized.

And of course, the LeapFrog system is one of the most popular and widely used educational toy systems out there, so you have the benefit of having that tried-and-true quality assurance behind the label, even if this is your first time buying something like this for your child.




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