LEGO Education DUPLO Tubes Experiment Set

Age Range: 18 months and up.

What is Education DUPLO Tubes Experiment Set?

LEGO is perhaps one of the most well-known brands in the world with its wide variety of toys, ranging from simple kits to complex technological marvels.

In any case, LEGO makes toys that are durable, fun and age-agnostic, since their toys can be enjoyed by just about anyone.


The Duplo Tubes Education set is a tad bit different from the others. Instead of being a kit that is to be enjoyed alone, it is a kit that is meant to be played in groups of four.

There are a total of 147 pieces across various shapes and sizes. Along with these pieces, the box includes activity cards and a storage container to store the pieces.

LEGO Education DUPLO Tubes Experiment Set toy for kids

Who is LEGO Education DUPLO Tubes Experiment Set for?

This LEGO kit is primarily for young children aged 18 months and up. The kit requires basic perception skills and helps to develop motor skills within children.

Unlike most other LEGO Kits, these  aren’t that enjoyable for older children, and you may expect your kids to outgrow them fairly quickly.

However, for younger children, this kit can be really helpful and fun.

Why should you buy DUPLO Tubes Experiment toy?

Before we look at reasons to buy this toy, lets look at LEGO itself. LEGO’s toys are famous for being durable and safe for children, as they are completely non-toxic.

That alone is enough justification to buy their toys, since there are a lot of toys on the market that aren’t really safe. Coming to the toy itself, the kit can be extremely helpful for children.

It can help them learn motor skills and develop a basic understanding of input and output structures. Such LEGO kits instill essential skills while being enjoyable.

Secondly, the pieces themselves are well-built and snap together easily. There are a lot of pieces, and they all are of different types, so it does not get tiresome.

There is no shortage of objectives either, and it remains enjoyable as kids discover the various ways the pieces come together.

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Cons for LEGO Education DUPLO Tubes Experiment Set:

1. While generally strong and durable, some pieces are fragile when joined together (A vertical and a horizontal piece, for instance)
2. While it is a good product, the price is a bit too high for what you get
3. It is not as age-agnostic as other LEGO-products. While that may not be considered as a con, you would certainly get less out of this kit than anything else from LEGO.

Pros for LEGO Education DUPLO Tubes Experiment Set:

1. Everything is well-built and you get everything you need in the box
2. It helps children learn motor skills, basic input-output structures and more
3. It is incredibly versatile, with a large number of pieces of different types and a myriad of ways to put them together
4. The kit itself is easy to use, with the pieces clicking together with little effort

Final Verdict:

The price and the longevity notwithstanding, the LEGO Duplo Tubes Experiment is certainly a good kit and if you wish to instill some basic skills within your children, you should go for it.



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